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Employee Training

Employee Happiness

Abstract Employee happiness is multifaceted, essential, and demands the application of accurate strategic options depending on organizational needs to derive its performance benefits. The current global needs have transformed employees from people who seek the highest salary to individuals who want satisfying and happy working environments. Realizing these needs has...

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On-The-Job Training Methods

Since the beginning of the working world, on-the-job training has been used to train workers. The effectiveness of on-the-job training has been called into question relatively recently, but it is still a topic of debate as to whether training works better on the job or off-site. As we take a...

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Interview with a Training Professional

For this interview, I chose the president and spokeswoman of a non-profit service dog organization in Texas. Her job as a training professional is very interesting because not only does she have to train her employees and volunteers, the participants (those receiving a service dog) also have to be trained...

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Training and Employee Development HRM

Employee Training and DevelopmentEmployee training and development is an integral aspect to the success of a business, both formal and informal. The Human Resource department is charged with the responsibility of providing employees pertinent information as well as stools that are imminent with respect to training and development and to...

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Employee Development and Training

Employee development comprises the key aspect for boosting the productivity of the company. While looking at the overall performance of any company, it largely comprises of the key factors of employee performance. Thus is why it is often a strategic investment that a company might want to make with the...

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