Some of the factors in the modern workplace that contribute to theft of time include internet usage, socialization with coworkers, tardiness, and personal phone calls (Leviticus, 2015) These factors may be managed by creating appropriate policies designed to limit personal time on the job and limit socialization, by installing and using blocking software to ensure employees do not access certain time wasting websites, and implementing an electronic clock in and break system.A whistleblower may be defined as a person who identifies an issue of wrongdoing or lawbreaking occurring within their organization and reports such actions to the appropriate authorities (Cornell University Law School, 2015). An example of a whistleblower is a person who notices that the accounting books are reporting the wrong information and notifies the government to have the company investigated for tax fraud.

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Retaliation is defined in the legal, employment sense as the firing, demoting, harassing, or otherwise retaliating against an employee in some way because he or she has filed charges of discrimination, is participating in a discrimination proceeding, or is engaged in some other form of opposing discrimination in the workplace; such practices are illegal (EEOC, 2015). When an employee feels as though they have been retaliated against they can file a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if internal mediation does not work to resolve the matter (EEOC, 2015). Retaliation can rise to the level of an EEOC lawsuit if the company fails to correct their actions and or fails to respond to the allegations.

Jennifer Anniestown uses a great deal of company time for personal activities, but there is no policy to prevent such action from occurring within the company. Tracy, her boss, notices this fact, but is unsure of how to address the matter. To address the situation, Tracy should design and implement policies that limit personal business to breaks and that limit the use of the phones to company business only. After such policies are implemented, if Jennifer continues to act in such a manner, disciplinary action may be taken.

Steven Smith was terminated from his employment because the woman who held the position prior to him filed a lawsuit and it was determined she was wrongfully terminated and that the company had to reinstate her. Steven no longer has a job, and is unsure of what to do in this situation. Steven should first attempt to find out if he may be moved to another position within the company; if not, Steven may start his own suit with the company, as it could be argued that he was fired as a result of his testimony in the trial which allowed the previous woman to be reinstated.