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Employee Assessment

The candidate raises valid points. Different words have dissimilar meanings or connotations dependent on culture and beliefs. A monosemic word has a variety of implications and is dependent on the mental representation of the word by the candidate (Bobda, 2009). It is unfair to subject respondents to a test that...

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Staffing Strategy For A New Plant

The plant has come up with a new idea of making other new designs of utensils. According to the plant strategy, the plant targets the age group of 25-40 years old. The age group should be the determinant of the plant location for the source of labour. The location of...

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Hiring and Retaining

HIRING AND RETAINING Human resource in any organization and department is the asset that leads these sectors to success. The way local government approaches human resource requirements is different from the approach taken by private organizations. The traditional approaches that are used by local governments are not effective and require...

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Market Competitiveness

In order for a business to remain viable within its industry, it must maintain a certain level of market competitiveness, not just in terms of the products and services offered by the company, but in terms of the remuneration options offered to its employees and the different perks that are...

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Employee Monitoring

For the last twenty years, employers have been involved in monitoring workplace activities and performance of their employees. Advances in information technology have significantly enhanced the ability of employers to take part in such monitoring activity. Employers have the ability to monitor the electronic mail, telephone calls, time spent on...

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