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Employee Assessment

The candidate raises valid points. Different words have dissimilar meanings or connotations dependent on culture and beliefs. A monosemic word has a variety of implications and is dependent on the mental representation of the word by the candidate (Bobda, 2009). It is unfair to subject respondents to a test that...

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Staffing Strategy For A New Plant

The plant has come up with a new idea of making other new designs of utensils. According to the plant strategy, the plant targets the age group of 25-40 years old. The age group should be the determinant of the plant location for the source of labour. The location of...

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Hiring and Retaining

HIRING AND RETAINING Human resource in any organization and department is the asset that leads these sectors to success. The way local government approaches human resource requirements is different from the approach taken by private organizations. The traditional approaches that are used by local governments are not effective and require...

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Market Competitiveness

In order for a business to remain viable within its industry, it must maintain a certain level of market competitiveness, not just in terms of the products and services offered by the company, but in terms of the remuneration options offered to its employees and the different perks that are...

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Employee Monitoring

For the last twenty years, employers have been involved in monitoring workplace activities and performance of their employees. Advances in information technology have significantly enhanced the ability of employers to take part in such monitoring activity. Employers have the ability to monitor the electronic mail, telephone calls, time spent on...

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Mandatory Drug Testing for Employees

Nearly two decades ago, the Supreme Court upheld the right for employers to test for drugs in the workplace. Since then, the belief that certain drugs are hazardous when used at work has become a national standard for occupational safety practices (Zezima.) The concern has been about the use of...

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Human Resource Management Optimization and Social Media

In different types of organizations whether they are small, medium, even large companies, there exist resources at their disposal, which happen to be essential for their persistence such as human resources. Carrying out the process of administrative practices for managing resources is of a vital importance because in this way...

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Recruitment and Retention of Staff

Research has shown that human resource is a vital driver in organizations in their endeavor to achieve their objectives. In this regard, a successful business aims at strategizing on its mode of staff recruitment, training, empowerment, and retention (Farrell, Grenier, & Leiby, 2016). This is because the human factor is...

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Selecting Employees

Selecting the right employees for the right jobs is one of the greatest human resource challenges an organization may encounter. Inappropriate selection decisions and fallacies in designing the selection process will inevitably lead to substantial human and financial losses. Regardless of the industry, in which the organization currently operates, consistent,...

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Hiring Process for Police Officers

Introduction The hiring process acts as a measure and opportunity for police departments to make well-informed decisions regarding the suitability of candidates to become Police Officers (Watson, 2010). The process begins with the applications, where eligibility requirements determine who should apply and who should not. At the entry level, an...

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Benefits of Minimum Wage

Ever since the first modern minimum wage law implemented by the government of New Zealand in 1894 (Starr, 1993), the effects of minimum wage have been widely debated. Minimum wage is the minimum price which a firm may hire workers. The proponents of minimum wage focus on the exploitation of...

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Employee Turnover

In a 2012 article, Steinbrecher addressed recent findings demonstrating that half of all Americans hate their jobs. According to Steinbrecher, more employees throughout the United States are planning on finding a new job within the next year. In exploring reasons as to why an increased number of employees throughout the...

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Job Application Essay

I recently completed my nursing degree at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. During my time obtaining my degree, I was exposed to a wide variety of different nursing specialties including operative and perioperative care. Since my graduation in May 2017, I have been employed as a nurse at...

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Employer Monitoring Of Computer Usage

There has been many uses of the Internet since its rise. Internet users can shop, talk to each other, watch videos and use it for work. Yet, how it is used at work is a controversial subject, with employers monitoring their workers’ usage, disciplining them and even firing them for...

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Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo” the author Harriet Tory explained some ambiguous facts. She said in the article that the U.S. Labor Market added 150,000 jobs. On the other hand, the unemployment rate was still extremely low. The rest of the...

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Employment and Ethics

What are the pros and cons of North America tire’s strategy of hiring replacement workers? How ethical is the behavior of management?Among other companies, there are various pros and cons of North Americas tire’s company to hire replacement workers. The main advantage is that the company will continue to perform...

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Short Answer Questions: Employment And Tests

Question 1Selection tests are important instruments that are usually used by employers to make employment decisions. Job knowledge tests, interview tests and cognitive ability tests are obvious examples of such selection tests (Wilk & Cappelli, 2003). Thus to begin with, job knowledge tests are advantageous in the sense that they...

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Case Study Analysis: Finding a Job

John’s objective is to find employment. He has been unemployed for nearly a year. While he is certain due to his experience to find a good job, he does not expect to work for his former firm. However, the unexpected has happened. John is now contemplating on whether to go...

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Expectancy Theory as It Applies To Compensation

In contradiction with Maslow and Herzberg who discussed internal needs and what efforts are used to fulfill them, Vroom’s expectancy theory separated effort from performance and outcomes. The expectancy theory states that behavior resulting from effort is made consciously in an attempt to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. This means...

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Employee Engagement Definition

Employee engagement is defined as the “psychological and behavioral outcomes” which generally lead to better performance by an employee. The Aon Hewitt’s Engagement Model outlines a number of engagement drivers which include quality of life, company practices, people in the workplace, and total rewards among others (Hewitt, 2012 p.3). Understanding...

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