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Mandatory Drug Testing for Employees

Nearly two decades ago, the Supreme Court upheld the right for employers to test for drugs in the workplace. Since then, the belief that certain drugs are hazardous when used at work has become a national standard for occupational safety practices (Zezima.) The concern has been about the use of...

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Human Resource Management Optimization and Social Media

In different types of organizations whether they are small, medium, even large companies, there exist resources at their disposal, which happen to be essential for their persistence such as human resources. Carrying out the process of administrative practices for managing resources is of a vital importance because in this way...

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Recruitment and Retention of Staff

Research has shown that human resource is a vital driver in organizations in their endeavor to achieve their objectives. In this regard, a successful business aims at strategizing on its mode of staff recruitment, training, empowerment, and retention (Farrell, Grenier, & Leiby, 2016). This is because the human factor is...

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Selecting Employees

Selecting the right employees for the right jobs is one of the greatest human resource challenges an organization may encounter. Inappropriate selection decisions and fallacies in designing the selection process will inevitably lead to substantial human and financial losses. Regardless of the industry, in which the organization currently operates, consistent,...

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Hiring Process for Police Officers

Introduction The hiring process acts as a measure and opportunity for police departments to make well-informed decisions regarding the suitability of candidates to become Police Officers (Watson, 2010). The process begins with the applications, where eligibility requirements determine who should apply and who should not. At the entry level, an...

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