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Benefits of Minimum Wage

Ever since the first modern minimum wage law implemented by the government of New Zealand in 1894 (Starr, 1993), the effects of minimum wage have been widely debated. Minimum wage is the minimum price which a firm may hire workers. The proponents of minimum wage focus on the exploitation of...

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Employee Turnover

In a 2012 article, Steinbrecher addressed recent findings demonstrating that half of all Americans hate their jobs. According to Steinbrecher, more employees throughout the United States are planning on finding a new job within the next year. In exploring reasons as to why an increased number of employees throughout the...

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Job Application Essay

I recently completed my nursing degree at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. During my time obtaining my degree, I was exposed to a wide variety of different nursing specialties including operative and perioperative care. Since my graduation in May 2017, I have been employed as a nurse at...

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Employer Monitoring Of Computer Usage

There has been many uses of the Internet since its rise. Internet users can shop, talk to each other, watch videos and use it for work. Yet, how it is used at work is a controversial subject, with employers monitoring their workers’ usage, disciplining them and even firing them for...

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Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo” the author Harriet Tory explained some ambiguous facts. She said in the article that the U.S. Labor Market added 150,000 jobs. On the other hand, the unemployment rate was still extremely low. The rest of the...

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