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Employee’s Privacy Prior to Employment

Background Check In the course of searching for jobs, employers have a lot of control over the nature of information from the prospective employees. Although companies can gather information and do background checks, legally, before hiring new workers, the rights and the privacy of the employees are covered, and violations...

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Theoretical Constructs regarding Aspects of Employment

Introduction In ancient civilizations, humans worked to survive. People originated as hunters and gatherers, then settled into agrarian roles. Later, with improved transportation and opening of trade routes, centers of commerce developed and businesses grew that required employees. The industrial revolution solidified the concept that many people would work for...

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Institutionalizing Free Thought

The purpose of this paper is to analyze, compare, and synthesize themes from three articles examining some weaknesses of conventional approaches to graduate education. The articles include “Socialization of Doctoral Students to Academic Norms” (2003) in which John Weidman and Elizabeth Stein outline the process by which graduate students are...

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Full Employment for African Americans

The unemployment rate for African Americans is double that of whites. During times of tight labor markets, African Americans experience a higher rate of income growth when compared to other racial groups, yet are the last to be hired and the first to lose positions during downturns. Full employment holds...

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Building the Self-Esteem of Employees

Within the organization employee self-esteem is affecting job performance. This particular organization is a hospital and the service is one that provides housing services to homeless veterans. Historically, the overall performance has been at a high level. Recently, this culture has shifted. Performance measures are being met only 50% of...

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