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Leading from a Distance: How Multinationals Lead Employees

Multinational corporations (MNC)s, also termed international corporations, transnational or stateless corporations (Voorhees, Seim, &. Coppett, 1992) are organizations that develop, own, provide, and produce their services or goods in more than one country other than their home base. Operating across various countries presents challenges in terms of managing employees from...

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Employees in the Public Sectors

Two news events that has taken place in the past 12 months include; “Gay and Transgender individuals facing high rates of workplace discrimination and harassment” (Center for American Progress, 2011). and “illegal now to fire an individual that is a LGBT.” (Bendery, 2015). As this is making headlines as we...

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Employee Relation and Its Impact on Employees Productivity

It is integral that employers in the 21st century and particularly across the broad spectrum of industries, care for and look after their employees. Despite the requirement for companies to continue to make more revenue from their employees and to treat them accordingly, in many cases, the only way employees...

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Employee Development and Training

Employee development comprises the key aspect for boosting the productivity of the company. While looking at the overall performance of any company, it largely comprises of the key factors of employee performance. Thus is why it is often a strategic investment that a company might want to make with the...

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Compensating Employees

A compensation philosophy formally documents the company’s stance on employee compensation and creates a framework for consistency. With an official pay strategy, employers are transparent with regard to their compensation philosophy. Usually, corporate HR departments develop compensation philosophies jointly with the executive team. These formal documents involve corporate financial position,...

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