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Management Relationship and Effect on Employees

The management relationship and its effect on employees remains essential for effective organizational growth and development. Ethical and moral leadership set by management’s example clearly outlined by transparent guidelines of the expectations the organizational hierarchy has of its workers as part of the stakeholders of the company remains a fundamental...

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Employee Motivation: Human Resource Management

An industry in which I would like to be a Human Resource Manager is the sportswear industry. Three companies that I would enjoy working for are Nike, Under Armour, and Rawlings. This paper will discuss the intrinsic benefits that these companies offer and why they are important considerations in employee...

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Empirical Study of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility

The first article is titled, “The Causal Effect of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility”. The authors are Jo Hoje and Maretno A. Harjoto. The purpose of the study it examines the association between corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities. The author’s statement is that establishing the causality between corporate...

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Current Issues in First Nations Overall

Aboriginal individuals have a long and rich history that is inclusive of rich cultural and spiritual roots. A large section of the traditions were however changed or forcefully removed when the settlers came into the picture. The forceful introduction of European way of life and morals to Aboriginal societies, the...

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