The need for the adoption of systems to protect electronic devices has become crucial in most domains. This is majorly promoted by the increasing levels of technological advancement globally. Entities and countries have been in continuous adoption of measures to hence high level of security in the systems. The use of encryption has been introduced across different domains in order to govern system safety. In addition, the use of key locks like passwords that are biometric systems has been made manifest in the use of various computing technology. These adoptions are majorly geared towards system security and reliability. In the 19th century different governments had developed mechanism to prevent tampering of crucial information. Sensitive information was handled by trusted individuals and kept in a confident location. By the Second World War, the British Government had invented complex systems for data protection were developed. There was rapid advancement in encrypting data and this required high level of intelligence among the coups. Organizations which had common missions merged to enhance reliable and security of the information systems (Texas, 1993). The paper will focus on major facets of system security with close reference to encryption.

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Organizations like banks in the current world need to develop highly sophisticated software to use. This is simply because they are handling sensitive information like employee’s personal details, and the organization’s top cream strategies as well as the financial status. Crucial data should not even once be accessed by unwanted persons as it my land in the competitors’ hands.

Our government also employs the same technique so as to maintain high levels of secrecy. Protection of the government’s vital information sources is one strategy used to prevent cases of terrorism. This is particularly because the government has very crucial information about its citizens and the terrorists alike. This is in addition to the classified information such as weaponry in use, their location, technologies used, and the identities of servicemen and military stations. High level of confidence amongst citizen’s, workers and employers is a requirement when it comes to information security. This will enable the country to compete as expected and carry out operations in a secure environment (Texas, 1993).

Globally the people’s attitude towards information protection is positive since a high percentage of individuals protect their data. This is an indication that the world is turning to be machine friendly in most of the fields. My view on the same is that I propose the fact that data is protected this is because there is high level of privacy and hence a sense of security with my own data.

Protection of information has its merits and demerits. The merits of protecting data is that vital information is protected from unauthorized persons. Advancing to another level of protecting data places one ahead of the competitors. Organization’s clients will maintain to be loyal if their security is catered for. Highly developed information security qualifies one to meet the required standard of a given time. It also promoted better ways of handling data and hence high compliance in the job sector and proper management in the premises (Information Resources Management Association, 2016).

On the contrary, protecting data demands high maintenance cost. This is because individuals quest of being ahead of their competitors. Well trained personnel is necessary so as to avoid loss of data and also trustworthy human factor is also a demand. This due to the fact that crucial information should not land to competitors. Advanced data protection has led to unemployment. This is because companies and organizations require highly qualified and trained human capital. The latter is vulnerable to crackers since they can be accessed through the internet and hence leading to loss of confidentiality in the original developers (Feng & WISE, 2006).

Experts in information security give a piece of advice on how data will be generated to other persons while under the care of other. This is due to the fact that data is increasingly pilling up permanently. They also ensure great risk management in data protection if the integration between private sectors and project risk management processes is considered. There should be constant reviews of laws and policy requirements. This majorly to keep pace with data that was initially saved using old software. This is via the cloud provider and will ensure no loss of information.