It is a widely known fact that all the animals play a crucial role in the world as they help maintain nature and its biodiversity. All the animal species have a favorable impact on the planet that is why the extinction of them may lead to serious disasters which will be harmful to the environment. People are supposed to take measures to prevent their extinction and help them live longer. In particular, there is a great number of animals in South Texas which are at risk of extinction. The government tries to identify the reasons of it and, eventually, protect them somehow. However, there are various reasons which only increase the number of animal species that are in danger of extinction.
To begin with, it should be noted that the life of different animal species in South Texas depends on various factors, including some natural disasters, climatic changes and a human factor. That is to say, animals adopt to the environment they got accustomed to and if their habitats are somehow destroyed, they will simply die out. What is more, air pollution also kills off the animals as no one is able to protect them from it. That is why, it is worth to mention the animal species of South Texas which are in danger of being extinct in order to take immediate measures to avoid their extinction.

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First of all, there are a lot of endangered mammals in The Valley, including ocelots as well as jaguarondis because they are considered to be the rare species of small cats. Concerning birds, there are brown pelican, a bald eagle, whooping crane, northern aplomado falcon which are almost at the brink of extinction. Actually, these animal species have various habitants but still they live in South Texas where the environment is almost the same. As it was mentioned above, animal species are in danger of extinction because of air pollution, global warming, destroyed habitats which do not contribute to creating healthy and safe atmosphere as well as environment for their normal further development.

However, Texas Parks and Wild Department explains the reasons which make the ocelots endangered species by stating that the ocelots were greatly affected by brushland management. In other words, they say that hundreds of acres of brush are connected with other habitats by means of brush corridors. Considering the fact that such habitats are extremely rare in this region, the animals are doomed to extinction which may be inevitable in the future. Moreover, it is supposed that the habitat of animals, the style of their life define their chances for heir longer living. Thus, people are welcome to help animals survive by making their habitats clean and not destroyed.

Besides, Texas Parks and Wild Department explains the situation concerning a piping plover by saying that the birds spend much time on mudflats or on the beaches during high tides. That is why, the reason for their extinction is that a lot of chemical spills that are spread along the beaches influence them and, eventually, destroy their natural environment which is essential for their further existence. Therefore, a habitat is of great importance for the animals and they need to protect their environment in order not to disappear forever.

To sum up, it is important to underline that state and federal governments at least try to put their common efforts to prevent animals’ extinction as they realize that the existence of these animals is vital for the planet. Therefore, they have come to the conclusion that people have to provide the animals with the favorable environment and not destroy their natural habitats which are crucial for their survival. As a result, it will help to avoid animals’ extinction in problematic regions, such as South Texas and reduce the number of endangered animal species there.

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