An enemy combatant is an individual who according to the laws is not allowed to fight in the US military battles but maneuvers his ways through with an intention of gathering military intelligence with their main aim of supplying the information to the enemies. According to the United States’ laws, these individuals are viable to be subjected to trials in the military tribunal courts. These kinds of individuals pose a great threat to the nation and directly to the government.
Yaser Hamdi, in this case, study is an American citizen who is accused of fighting alongside the Taliban against the United States in Afghanistan. He gets captured during the war and his situation presented to the courts. His detention was viewed by many people as very much unconstitutional. His attorney filed a case to have the detention declared unconstitutional but the debate in the court overwhelmed the anticipated decision.

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In my opinion, the enemy combatants pose a great threat to both the economy and the safety of a country. In fact these kind of people should be considered traitors. Spying on your country only dictates how much rage you have towards the country. However, going beyond the line to spy on your country and sell or disseminate the most valuable information that could directly jeopardize both the national security of the country and in addition, it puts the citizens in the spotlight and leaves them very much vulnerable to the terrorists and other ill intended individuals.

Such kind of treachery, despite how well they could be sugar coated, should not be left unpunished. I therefore support the idea that the executive should continue to posses the authority to detain and pass judgment on individuals who qualify as “Enemy combats.” For the security of the country and the individual soldiers to be guaranteed, the suspects should be held in custody and detained by order of the executive, otherwise if the military intelligence leaks to irresponsible hands, there could be a great danger to the nation. Therefore the executive should have this authority.