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Energy development

The Economics of Tidal and Wave Power

The purpose of this paper is to take an in depth look at the UK economics of two distinct energy categories: tidal power and wave power. "Wave and tidal stream energy is electricity generated from the movement of wave and tidal flows" (GOV UK, 2013). This paper includes comparing the...

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Impacts of an Energy Resource Plan

In order to develop a successful campaign for mayor, a representative for the incumbent mayor of Sparksville presents an overview of the candidates plan to improve the cities powergrid. The plan focuses on the use of renewable, and traditional sources of energy, as well as, job creation. It is the...

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Sources of Energy: Coal

Coal is a fossil fuel which is black or brownish-black in color, and is a sedimentary rock that has high levels of hydrocarbons and carbons (Gustafson, 2007). Coal has the stored energy of plants which lived in swamps millions of years ago (Gustafson, 2007). Types of coal include anthracite, bituminous,...

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Russia Oil Production

Introduction The current global oil market is facing a high increase in supply, which is creating problems for nations that rely on oil exports for their government spending. This is a problem for Russia, as the country has depended on high oil prices to prop up the economy and allow...

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