The personality type of ENFJ stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. 2.5% of the population fits this type. In some ways, I do feel that the ENFJ personality profile describes me. The component of being a people person who cares about other individuals fits me well. I enjoy helping people when I can. My family and friends would probably describe me as an individual who goes out of one’s way for others. I am a good listener, celebrate loved one’s accomplishments, and do what I can to be supportive and show understanding when someone is experiencing a hard time or crisis. People know that they can count on me to be there for them during the ups and downs. I have much energy and do get involved in many things. It can be hard to focus on one thing, which seems to encapsulate me and how ENFJ’s are pegged.

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I agree with the ENFJ description about being an excellent leader. However, I do not feel that I am aggressive about helping others to live up to one’s potential. On the contrary, I feel that I know when to push people a bit to leave their comfort zone and when to back off. I persuade people, but I do not think I am too forward or bossy.

The part about being very organized and wanting one’s home to be perfect does not describe me. I like things neat and orderly, but perfection is not my goal. I have little piles of organized messes, but usually know where everything is. I do not I subdue my own opinions to please others or act like a chameleon when others disagree with my viewpoints. My alone time is a time for recharging. Contrary to an ENFJ sometimes feeling lonely with others or thinking dark thoughts when by oneself, that does not happen to me that often.

I think that God has created me to be of service to other people and to act as a positive motivation to individuals. When I assess people and situations, I usually see the potential and positives things in individuals, versus the negative elements. I also try to be encouraging and to treat people with respect and dignity, something that God has instilled within me. Love your neighbor as you love yourself is how I live my life. I can see myself working in a healing and service-oriented type of profession, such as a counselor, teacher, or motivational speaker.

Being a people oriented person can also be a weakness. Sometimes, I am so concerned about uplifting and helping my family and friends that I neglect myself in ways that matter. I need to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and spend enough time with my loved ones. Giving too much of myself to other individuals can deplete my energy.

Because I am also the type of person that God created to have boundless energy and know how to get things done, I need to make sure that I am not burning myself out. This is where it is important to attend church, study my religion, and taking time just to relax and have fun. Going for walks, playing sports, taking in a good movie, or enjoying lunch with friends restores my soul. It also gives me the support and companionship I need to keep doing what I need to do in my life.

I know that God has given me the gift of empathy and understanding. I can relate to people from all walks of life and have compassion from where they have come from and the challenges that one has endured. This is something that I feel that God wants me to use in my career.

I will keep using these gifts to be the best person that I can be in life. I enjoy being an ENFJ personality type that encourages people to be their best selves.