Social work involves addressing the need of the community, families and neighbourhoods and individuals. In this assignment, I observe the case study of Pedro and look for ways how I can solve his problems as a social worker. The various macro, mezzo and micro levels of addressing the issues facing Pedro are outlined.

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In Pedro’s issue as a social worker, a lot of different questions arise on macro, mezzo and micro levels. Pedro is guilty and condemning himself for the death of his son. This might have arisen as a result of the way the entire community responded to that death. Therefore, my question as a social worker will be, how did the community respond to the death of Pedro’s son? This will lead me into getting views and analysing whether the community influenced Pedro’s condemnation or not. The other question will be on a mezzo level, how did Pedro’s family respond to the death of the son? Did the family in any way fail to help Pedro in this period? The information gathered here will then lead to the individual or micro level. What makes Pedro condemn himself or hold himself liable for the death of his son? Pedro is also not complying to his HAART treatment (Working With Clients With HIV/AIDS: The Case of Pedro).

Questions like what makes him not to be compliant to his treatment will also prove to be crucial in addressing the matter. Has the family influenced Pedro’s decision of failing to take the HAART treatment seriously in any way? Maybe a member of Pedro’s family had a poor performance on the same treatment. The son’s death might have also affected Pedro; the death might have made him to stop putting trust on the HAART. Additionally, the behaviours of the former hospital social workers must also be analyzed. The social workers might have in one way or the other contributed to Pedro’s behaviour. The religious believes that Pedro ascribes to are also important for questioning.

  • Working With Clients With HIV/AIDS: The Case of Pedro.