Mechanical engineering is a diverse subject covering a broad range of issues due to the need to design and manufacture the different product of various sizes, shape, and purpose. Manufactured goods may include microscale sensors, spacecraft, machine tools, etc. It is used in fields like manufacturing industry, for instance, machining and machine tools, air conditioners, and energy conservation.
The most important application of mechanical engineering to megastructures is its use in machining and machine tools. Machining is the ability to operate machines. Be for the invention of the elevator, people had trouble climbing to the top flows of megastructures. But with its invention and discovery of mechanical engineers the elevator made it all easier. For instance, the invention metal prongs running along guide rails fitted with jargoned teeth made it possible to stop a falling elevator from reaching the ground. Life was secured, and movement up skyscrapers made easier. With the increase in the height of buildings, speed was critical in moving people and items to the top of a building. Metal brake shoe was also invented to stop high speed moving elevators. With the help of mechanical engineering, a steel stone combination of build has made it possible to create great builds that stones could not make.

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After the discovery that skyscrapers could be built to any height using glass walls were invented posing the challenge of overheating. This problem was solved by the invention of the air conditioners. Air conditioners allow many people to work together without the problem of overheating. Mechanical engineering is also used lifting materials to the top of the building during building. The kangaroo crane was invented with the ability to move large loads and jamb to the next level. These technologies were used in the construction of the Twin Tower. Mechanical engineering is also employed in the pumping of concrete material up the building using machines. Mechanical engineering is also important in reducing the swaying of building through the creation of exoskeleton hence making skyscrapers stable. Lastly, mechanical engineering is essential in keeping building stable in earthquakes. Flexibility and rigidity at different level make the building stable.

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