Engineering is a broad field that deals with the application of specific sets of knowledge and expertise in the structuring, designing, or manipulation of systems of objects of machinery and architecture. Geotechnical engineering is a constituent field in the broader career of engineering.Geotechnical engineering is one of the branches of the broad engineering career. The main aspect of geotechnical engineering is the dealing of earth material and manipulation of the various components of the earth in engineering and design. Soil and rock materials are the main constituents that make up the earth. As such, geotechnical engineering deals with the aspect of manipulating rock and soil to ensure that an aggregate of structural foundation is achieved in design. In any design that involves the manipulation of the earth such as mining and building of underground tunnels the aspect of geotechnical engineering comes into play to ensure that there is structural stability and stable interactions between the different materials utilized. Engineering of earthly materials and their manipulation is a vital aspect of most fields in development, construction, and architecture as they involve the manipulation or use of the earth in one way or another.
When it comes to the development of projects there are various stages that require the use of different materials and their manipulations. The research and investigations on the different materials of use and their rates of reaction together is fundamental in ensuring structural stability. Furthermore, different materials on their own and when mixed have different reactions to different conditions. The establishment of stability under such conditions is achieved in geotechnical engineering. It is through geotechnical engineering that it is possible to assess natural or environmentally related risks to the structural stability of a foundation or building design. It assesses for risk aspects such as landslides and quakes amongst others. Geotechnical engineering is vital for all developmental purposes.

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