While evaluating the given options in engineering careers, one could outline that the following disciplines play a crucial role in determining the future profession. Most of the disciplines refer to the application of theoretical knowledge of a scientific theory to design, implementing and analyzing various solutions in the technological world. Among the engineering disciplines, one could outline the following: biomolecular engineering which stresses on the manufacturing of biomolecules; materials engineering, molecular engineering, process engineering, corrosion engineering. All of the above-mentioned subdisciplines belong to chemical engineering. However, besides chemical engineering, there is civil engineering and electrical engineering with their respective disciplines. For the moment, I am still undecided about my major. However, I am leaning towards graduating in civil engineering. Namely, I am interested in ecological design as it is tightly linked with urban studies. Besides, environmental design attracts me as it is also about introducing different innovations into practice and changing the order of the world. Thus, as a future career I, consider to engage in that area.
While searching for the jobs that attract me, I would certainly like to work in the area where engineering and urban planning could be combined. While searching for the possible options in the environmental engineering, I also noticed that majority of jobs require managerial skills which is also attractive to me. In particular, I might consider working as an environmental engineer in the private sector. Then, I could move to junior level environmental engineer, later on, move towards project engineer and then apply for the senior position in environmental engineering.

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