Engineers act as product developers. Product development means creating products within their engineering fields so that the society’s needs are met. Here engineers are to apply state-of-the-art technologies, ensure that their products are maintainable and manufacturable, as well as comply with important societal and implementation constraints [1]. Engineers also act as researchers. This role requires that they design and carry out studies which yield “defensible results.” Moreover, these studies should answer significant applicable research questions [2]. Further, engineers may act as bureaucrats. As they administer corporations, engineers have to play the dual role of an employer and employee. They should also use their managerial skills for the society’s benefit [3]. Next, engineers play the role of social servants. This means that they aim to fulfill the requirements of the society through their professional actions. This also means that engineers aim to cause changes that will take the society to the new level of technology development [4]. As they play the role of environmental guardians, engineers ensure that what they design does not destroy the environment. They should also make sure that their design complies with environmental regulations [5]. The role of a moral agent requires engineers to model their research and practice in accordance with the professional code of ethics [6]. Lastly, as problem solvers engineers identify problems that require engineering solutions. They will then develop relevant models for solving these problems to meet the interests of the society and economy.I am very interested in electrical engineering because electrical engineers contribute to the development of efficient renewable energy that is clean and friendly to the environment. As electrical engineers join efforts in constructing more efficient electric vehicles they aim to radically decrease the dependence of humanity on fossil fuel. Besides, they strive to reduce harmful emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. As people prefer green energy, electrical engineers meet their needs by designing electrical green turbines and other neutral ways of energy generation [8].

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