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Shipboard Electrical Systems

There is a variety of rules and regulations regarding the electrical circuitry in, on and around a ship. While the requirements of the NFPA 70E are not used to govern the electrical connections on a vessel many of the safety requirements found in this guide for electrical safety can be...

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Bridge Design Improvement Project

Abstract This project sought to examine and analyze the concepts associated with structural strength and integrity through the construction of two small scale bridges. The first bridge was designed and tested through the application tension to determine the maximum load bearing capability while the structural integrity of the bridge remained...

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US 20 Interchange Bridge

The Seismic Activity and Management entail the process of programming and managing the risks associated with Earthquakes. The responsibilities of the managers include the outreach and education of other members of the society on the awareness and dangers of earthquakes and emergency programs. Similarly, the manager assists the state with...

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Bridge Failure in Minnesota

There are many professions that can have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. Engineering is one of these. When done correctly and professionally, engineering can enhance the lives of people throughout society. However, if it is not done correctly and professionally, then it can lead to tragedy for...

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Summary for Introduction to Engineering: Megastructure

The video clip presents information about the biggest engineering structures in the world and the ingenious technological advancements, which make it possible for them to exist (BigBiggerBiggest N.P). The first technological advancement is the elevator. It replaces the staircase and eases upward mobility in skyscrapers. The current technology has a...

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