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Shipboard Electrical Systems

There is a variety of rules and regulations regarding the electrical circuitry in, on and around a ship. While the requirements of the NFPA 70E are not used to govern the electrical connections on a vessel many of the safety requirements found in this guide for electrical safety can be...

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Bridge Design Improvement Project

Abstract This project sought to examine and analyze the concepts associated with structural strength and integrity through the construction of two small scale bridges. The first bridge was designed and tested through the application tension to determine the maximum load bearing capability while the structural integrity of the bridge remained...

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US 20 Interchange Bridge

The Seismic Activity and Management entail the process of programming and managing the risks associated with Earthquakes. The responsibilities of the managers include the outreach and education of other members of the society on the awareness and dangers of earthquakes and emergency programs. Similarly, the manager assists the state with...

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Bridge Failure in Minnesota

There are many professions that can have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. Engineering is one of these. When done correctly and professionally, engineering can enhance the lives of people throughout society. However, if it is not done correctly and professionally, then it can lead to tragedy for...

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Summary for Introduction to Engineering: Megastructure

The video clip presents information about the biggest engineering structures in the world and the ingenious technological advancements, which make it possible for them to exist (BigBiggerBiggest N.P). The first technological advancement is the elevator. It replaces the staircase and eases upward mobility in skyscrapers. The current technology has a...

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Engineering and Mega-structure

Mechanical engineering is a diverse subject covering a broad range of issues due to the need to design and manufacture the different product of various sizes, shape, and purpose. Manufactured goods may include microscale sensors, spacecraft, machine tools, etc. It is used in fields like manufacturing industry, for instance, machining...

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Megastructure in “Big Bigger Biggest – Skyscraper”

The documentary, “Big Bigger Biggest - Skyscrapers is a demonstration that the race to become the world’s most magnificent structure is on, and structures that are already considered the biggest in their categories such as the Burj Dubai and USS Nimitz are a representation of the best there is in...

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Importance and Application of Engineering in Megastructures

Engineering has served a great deal in the development and improvement of human life as a whole. Similarly, it has been vital in the evolution of building of megastructures like skyscrapers. The design, shape, general plan, raw material, and original construction of skyscrapers have heavily depended on the various engineering...

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A Brief Overview of Printer Strain Gauges

Abstract Printing technologies is an indispensable tool for most electronic/biomedical/automotive/aerospace manufacturing processes of the 21st century. They are versatile because of the availability of several degrees of freedom over its counterpart. It is widely used in the strain gauge measurements due to its superiority over rudimentary strain sensors in terms...

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Mounting and Using of Strain Gauges

The proper mounting and using of strain gauges requires several distinct stages or steps, in which the installer must first clean and polish the surface properly. The strain gauge is then mounted and installed before connecting the lead wires (Yang & Lu 8580). Further, the installer also applies a protective...

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The Design Process

The process of design is strictly regulated and has to be completed step by step, according to the established phases. The major objective of the design process is to complete the design tasks specified by the client. As designers have to deliver design projects of different nature, they need to...

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Civil Engineering Brainstorm

Civil engineering has existed for several years making it one of the oldest engineering entities in the world. Civil engineering is concerned with the structures that exist through planning, development of designs and building. As a civil engineer one of my obligations is also oversee and supervise the building of...

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Mechanical Engineering And Its Disciplines

Mechanical engineering is a wide field in the engineering entity because it has various disciplines that are related to it. The major role and purpose of the mechanical engineering is the testing, building, development and design of mechanical and thermal devices. Therefore, mechanical engineers are important people in the society...

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Advances in Materials Applied in Civil Engineering

The purpose of this assignment is to give a summary of the article entitled Advances in Materials Applied in Civil Engineering (Flaga, 2000). The first portion of the report is dedicated to the development of civil engineering as a field and the changing availability of materials throughout. Flaga (2000) notes...

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Mechanical Engineering Admission Essay

Since early childhood, I have been interested in engineering. I wondered how this or that mechanism worked. For me, engineering is not just a good job and high salary, but also a science that shapes the world. Mechanical engineering is a discipline that encompasses various sciences, including math, physics, art,...

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Software Engineering

The software engineers apply the standard computer engineering techniques and strategies to design, develop, test, and evaluate software programs and systems that permit the computers to perform their many functions. The software engineers plan, design, and develop many types of software programs such as the operating systems, computer applications, and...

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Genetic Engineering: Pros And Cons

The emergence of complex technologies is one of the powerful tools that has led to sophisticated Genetic Engineering processes. There are various areas of the application of Genetic engineering adopted in the world today. Genetic engineering is heavily applied on crops, animals and human beings to keep pace with the...

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Engineering Society report: Soda Club

The emergence of engineering has led to many achievements, which have eased the way of life of several individuals. In fact, the use of technologies in daily lives has promoted good health. This is evident in the use of clean and safe water for drinking as well as the reliance...

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Genetic Engineering: Uses for a Complex Technology

The development of complex technologies has led to sophisticated Genetic Engineering processes. Genetic engineering refers to the modification of an organism's genetic elements through artificial ways, often including the transfer of particular traits or genes, mainly from one organism to another plant or animal of different species. There are numerous...

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Industrial Engineering

IntroductionIndustrial engineering is a branch of engineering that entails the utilization of essential factors of production to create new products and improve the quality of already existing product and services. The major production factors include machines, information, people, money, knowledge, materials, and energy. These factors together with physical, mathematical, economical,...

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