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History of Engineering

The film “Britain Blood and Steel: Engineering an Empire” discusses the massive symbols of dominance constructed by Britain as it was transformed from a tiny island nation, dominated by conquerors, into one of the largest empires in history. After the Romans left its territory in the beginning of the 5th...

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Mechanical Engineering

According to Dr. Alba Perez’s speech on mechanical engineering, the subject is often misunderstood owing to the various sub-topics which are encompassed in the subject. In this case, Perez takes the time to break down her interpretation of mechanical engineering and its effect on various aspects of life. As such,...

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Engineering Career

While evaluating the given options in engineering careers, one could outline that the following disciplines play a crucial role in determining the future profession. Most of the disciplines refer to the application of theoretical knowledge of a scientific theory to design, implementing and analyzing various solutions in the technological world....

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Electrical Engineering

A degree in electrical engineering is a great option for those who love math and science. Electrical engineers enjoy one of the highest income levels in the field, with median salary at $85,000 per 40-hours workweek. This allows electrical engineers to enjoy a good balance between family and work life....

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Civil Engineering

Engineering was a profession that I considered pursuing long ago. There are many types of engineering, but the one I found most interesting was civil engineering. Civil engineering is one of the most diversified types of engineering, with several categories. Structural engineering is a category of civil engineering that deals...

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