Describe the impacts of SENSACON’s trade shows and public relations promotional tools on its growth
Input from the public relation consultant helped in the positioning and branding of SENSACON Corporation in the market. The company was young in the silicon market and thus getting the large customers to join in the corporation’s bandwagon was a problem. The challenge was attributed to the competition from other companies in the same industry, which have been in existence for a long time, and the lack of concrete evidence to portray their products, which made it hard for the valuable customers to trust SENSACON. The trade shows and public relation strategy aided in communicating and marketing the company to people. For instance, hypothetical applications were showcased at trade shows to allow people to see and understand what the company products entailed and how the substances were better in delivering the intended services as opposed to the others in the market. Conferences were part of the public relations strategy to sell the idea of the business to people. Through the platform, the corporation made presentations that highlighted its work and potential in the industry. The techniques used by the public relations consultant bore fruits, and this was evident in the trade journals and magazines that termed the company as one to look out for because of the strides it was making in the silicon market. Also, trade journals used signed articles written by the company’s experts and which explained the developments in pressure sensors in the market. SENSACON staffs wrote technical papers, which turned out to be peer-reviewed certified journals as they were taken in for publication. The promotional tools proved to be a success because they enhanced communication by ensuring information about the company’s operations and products reached the masses.

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In your opinion should SENSACON use their own channel and administrative strategy?

SENSACON should come up with an administrative strategy and channel for the enterprise. The strategy should be such that it is made for the company and not based on what others are doing. A tailor made circuit means the business stands out from the others because its operations and quality of products are unique. Such an approach will raise the competition standards in the market which will push the corporations to improve their levels of production. For SENSACON, devising a strategy that a channel and organizational strategy, which is tailor-made for the company, will lead to success. Already, the customers’ loved their products, and this was evident from the outcome received after the promotional tools were implemented, meaning people saw something promising in the company in their operations.

Explain how SENSACON has positioned itself in its industry.

The trade shows and other promotional tools helped in introducing SENSACON to the market. Two strategies contributed to establishing the business in the market that is the business development strategy and the new market development. The company identified a viable market where demand was high and which matched the manufacturing capabilities of the firm. After telling interested parties what the corporation entailed, the company’s engineers and developers sought to come up with what the company promised. The interesting fact about the product development is that SENSACON employees incorporated its customers in developing the commodities. It meant that the final product met the desires and specification of the client. Product changes were allowed to suit the preference of people, and this made the company stand out from the others. Product uniqueness was extremely important in SENSACON’s situation. The commodities were such that assembling required minimal to no automation and in the event of errors occurring, the users would rectify the problem without having to call in for help. The new market development strategy contributed in positioning the company in the market by generating other products and thus eliminated the focus on one output only. A possibility of people emulating their operations was in the offing because the market was viable. Creating new products allowed them to reach more people and supply different products to the same customers making their company a one-stop shop for the needs of the individuals. Though hitches were present in the development of the new products, the response to the problems helped the business retain the trust people had in it.

Identify SENSACON’s total offering and state the challenges of its decision to make or buy the new technology

New product development was meant to ensure the company did not focus entirely on the production of one commodity. The strategy made sure the company remained relevant in the market and the sensor industry. The corporation boasted of a monthly offering of five thousand units, and this contributed to the need to develop new commodities. However, the quest to expand regarding they types of product SENSACON manufactured resulted in a problem that leads to a conclusion that a new and better method of carrying out business needed to be implemented. A challenge in the new product development is that the company could not facilitate the manufacturing capabilities required by the new commodity. SENSACON was confident that it would meet the challenge and implemented some measure to ensure the product development was a success.

Leasing of extra space to ensure there was enough room for the operation was one method of facilitating the new product development. Also, the hiring of additional workers to help in specialization and division of labor and purchasing of more automated machinery is some of the measures to ensure the new products are generated with ease. However, the actions did not generate the anticipated results, as the challenges involved were that the volumes produced by the sensors did not meet the required expectation. The fact that the sensors did not meet the SUV manufacturers’ standards and specifications regarding the part-to-part variability of the product compounded the problem. Primary SENSACON task force highlighted the issues, and it was decided that the product had to undergo complete redesigning. Revamping of the product would enhance high-volume manufacturing thus make the commodity development successful. The changes involved replacing the sensor such that it would insert itself into the closure automatically. The decision also meant that the closure had to be revamped to allow the sensor to go through. Raw materials play a significant role in the manufacturing of substance, and thus a primary solution to the challenge was a look into the materials used to create the product. Problem identification makes it easy to solve an issue as someone is aware of what is causing the challenge. Other than the issue that challenged the new development at SENSACON Corporation, the company faced another problem with its customers.

The reputation of a company plays a significant role in its growth, and the failure of the new strategy was likely to affect the status of the corporation. The need to ensure normal operations were maintained without raising an eyebrow pushed for long-term and short-term strategies to help contain the customers. Part of the short-term plan involved getting qualified manufacturers who were independent and who would work on a contractual basis to allow the company to come up with manufacturing capabilities. New methods of doing business were identified as an alternative solution to the challenge the company faced.