Although the main goal of recycling technique is to protect the environment from further pollution, there are also many social and financial benefits of this type of waste disposal. This, this essay will explore the benefits related to recycling and different methods of how to encourage people to recycle. The research question asks what the financial and social benefits of recycling are and how can recycling behaviors be facilitated. The essay will start with the description of empirical findings that show the lack of interest that the public shows to the idea of recycling, regardless of many benefits that recycling brings.

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The thesis states that recycling is associated with reduced costs spent on waste disposal and it provides job opportunities, which calls for the importance of incorporating new ways of facilitating recycling behaviors. The first main idea is that recycling is effective from economic standpoint as it requires less money, compared to regular waste disposal. This part will use Riedel quantitative study to support its argument. The second argument is that recycling has a positive social effect as it provides new job opportunities. The paper will refer to Linenkoper article to demonstrate the respective statistics. Finally, the third part of the paper will discuss different ways of encouraging the public to recycle more, including various school level programs and art exhibitions. This part will incorporate information from de Oliviera, Bruno, and Trembly’s article, Futcher’s and Cimen’s articles.

The conclusion will shortly summarize the main arguments of the article. In addition to this, the conclusion will address the importance of changing public discourse around the issue of recycling to the one that also focuses on social and economic benefit of this method of waste disposal. This brings hope that more people will demonstrate more frequent recycling behaviors and show more interest to the issue in general.