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The Failed Transformation of BP

The attempts of BP to transform itself by moving away from a primary focus on oil and a greater emphasis on “alternative energy sources” was severely disrupted when an explosion that fines (Case Study). The appointment of a new chief executive, Tony Hayward, sought on paper to make changes to...

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Refreezing in Greenland

The article, featuring recent findings from the geophysicist Robin Bell, discusses ice refreezing. Bell discovered that in Greenland and Antarctica lower layers of ice melted and refroze, generating heat that caused the upper layers of ice to move. Thus, the article features warming as an issue, but not as a...

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The Florida Everglades National Park

In an effort to preserve the everglades at least partially, Floridians expressed their concerns over shrinking resources at the dusk of the 20th century. The year 1916 marks the creation of the Royal Palm State Park that acquired the status of a national park in 1923 (Tebeau 1963). In 1928,...

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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina and its Effects Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005 (History Channel, 2017), and the storm’s path, while known in advance, changed course as it gained proximity to land. The storm system hit landfall in the heart of New Orleans and individuals who did not evacuate were...

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Essay I Assignment

1. One of the ways in which the Love Canal incident changed the way the US deals with toxic waste is that it made planning a much more important part of the process. After this event, there was some acknowledgement of the inevitability of some disasters. Because of that, the...

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Reducing Water Usage

Reducing water usage is important, especially since several areas in the United States are struggling with droughts and water that is unsuitable for daily use. Thankfully, I do not live in a drought stricken area, but I, as anyone else, could stand to have a lower utility bill and help...

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Case Study Homework 2

1. While reviewing environmental outcomes regarding climate change and infrastructure, one of the first and foremost aspects that shall be taken into account is renewables. Usually, big plants or other big infrastructure objects consume a lot of electricity. Therefore, when it comes to infrastructure it is useful to think of...

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Environmental Lab

Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Test The dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration test is a form of measurement carried out on water or wastewater sample to determine the oxygen content in the sample. The DO concentration test can be conducted on still water, such as in a wastewater plant or lake, or in...

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El Paso Environmental Services Department:

Introduction To gain individualized knowledge of environmental services and policies offered by a government agency, I was able to interview one of the directors in the Environmental Services Department in El Paso, Texas. I found the agency suitable for the report in terms of statistical and information requirements. Initially, I...

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External and Internal Environments

Question 1One segment of the general environment that influences McDonald’s is the socio-cultural factor within its macro-environment. In this segment, McDonald’s has to contend with a widening wealth gap in the U.S., which provides opportunities for growth as most of the organization’s customers are from low and middle-income backgrounds (Sena,...

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Ethical Views and the Environment

Abstract Throughout the world, people have different perceptions of environmental problems and conservation that are particularly explained by environmental ethics, or simply what an individual believes to be right or wrong in our behavior towards taking care of the natural environment. While almost everyone has his or her own opinion...

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What Were The Attributes That Made ‘Urban’ Environments Different From Small Towns?

Urban environments are different from small towns because their centers are competitive in terms of growth, availability of advanced business services, creativity in industrial practices, innovations and increased learning institutions. Urban centers is the hub of entrepreneurs, professionals and lots of companies. Towns have very good infrastructure networks, which is...

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Obstructions during Fire Fighting

Self-storage facilities are a challenge for extinguishing fires because they are not often monitored for fire prevention, and individuals may place their items in a precarious manner that can be a danger during a fire and can act as accelerants during a fire. Outcomes can be poor in these situations,...

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Diversity And Inclusion

I thought it was particularly interesting that Emily Enderle (2007) identifies how fundamental diversity is to the strength and success of any environmental community, and yet many environmentalists appear to be reluctant to apply these basic principles of ecology to their own organizations (228). To me this suggests that for...

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Environmental Scan – Question Responses

Part 1. What implications will these facts hold for you as an educator in a school within this county? The first thing that stands out about these demographics is that the county is not heavily populated, which would indicate that it has a high percentage of rural citizens. The second...

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Environmental Ethics Paper

In this essay, I will argue that, while there are considerable difficulties concerning the moral evaluation of actions or events that affect future generations of people, it is nevertheless the case that in the example discussed there is harm and moral wrongdoing. In the case to be considered the Canadian...

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Background on Flint Crisis

The Flint water crisis is a public health issue in the city of Flint in 2014 that resulted from lead contamination of water meant for domestic use. The issue started when the management in the city of Flint decided to change the source of water supply from Detroit Water and...

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Analysis Of An Article Concerning Water Crisis

High-quality health is fundamental to all citizens. Water is also necessary for the improved body functioning. However, many people do not care about the quality of water they consume. The article discusses the issue of water in many states in the US. The writer has begun by providing information concerning...

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The Ocean’s Majesty

The cool gentle breeze played across my shoulders, sweeping down my exposed neck and hugging my trembling body, raising every tiny hair in response to the welcoming call of the ocean. It wasn’t a warm jacket type of cool, but more a simple cozy sweater to cut the chill cool;...

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Technology Innovation Project: Largo Corporation Environmental Scanning Report

As a major multinational corporation, Largo Corporation specializes in various products and services, including but not limited to the following: retail (arts, crafts, & office products), healthcare (medical services), finance (financial services), automotive (electric cars), system integration (communications), government services (information security), and media design (website and app design). The...

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