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The Failed Transformation of BP

The attempts of BP to transform itself by moving away from a primary focus on oil and a greater emphasis on “alternative energy sources” was severely disrupted when an explosion that fines (Case Study). The appointment of a new chief executive, Tony Hayward, sought on paper to make changes to...

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Refreezing in Greenland

The article, featuring recent findings from the geophysicist Robin Bell, discusses ice refreezing. Bell discovered that in Greenland and Antarctica lower layers of ice melted and refroze, generating heat that caused the upper layers of ice to move. Thus, the article features warming as an issue, but not as a...

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The Florida Everglades National Park

In an effort to preserve the everglades at least partially, Floridians expressed their concerns over shrinking resources at the dusk of the 20th century. The year 1916 marks the creation of the Royal Palm State Park that acquired the status of a national park in 1923 (Tebeau 1963). In 1928,...

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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina and its Effects Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005 (History Channel, 2017), and the storm’s path, while known in advance, changed course as it gained proximity to land. The storm system hit landfall in the heart of New Orleans and individuals who did not evacuate were...

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Essay I Assignment

1. One of the ways in which the Love Canal incident changed the way the US deals with toxic waste is that it made planning a much more important part of the process. After this event, there was some acknowledgement of the inevitability of some disasters. Because of that, the...

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