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Reducing Water Usage

Reducing water usage is important, especially since several areas in the United States are struggling with droughts and water that is unsuitable for daily use. Thankfully, I do not live in a drought stricken area, but I, as anyone else, could stand to have a lower utility bill and help...

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Case Study Homework 2

1. While reviewing environmental outcomes regarding climate change and infrastructure, one of the first and foremost aspects that shall be taken into account is renewables. Usually, big plants or other big infrastructure objects consume a lot of electricity. Therefore, when it comes to infrastructure it is useful to think of...

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Environmental Lab

Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Test The dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration test is a form of measurement carried out on water or wastewater sample to determine the oxygen content in the sample. The DO concentration test can be conducted on still water, such as in a wastewater plant or lake, or in...

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El Paso Environmental Services Department:

Introduction To gain individualized knowledge of environmental services and policies offered by a government agency, I was able to interview one of the directors in the Environmental Services Department in El Paso, Texas. I found the agency suitable for the report in terms of statistical and information requirements. Initially, I...

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External and Internal Environments

Question 1One segment of the general environment that influences McDonald’s is the socio-cultural factor within its macro-environment. In this segment, McDonald’s has to contend with a widening wealth gap in the U.S., which provides opportunities for growth as most of the organization’s customers are from low and middle-income backgrounds (Sena,...

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