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Water and Drought in California: Article Summaries

Article 1 Summary: California snowpack lowest in past 500 years The scientific study highlighting a significant drop in snow pack mainly concluded that the significant reduction in spring mountain snowpack which supply’s California with fresh water indicates a low unmatched for the first time in 500 years; and also an...

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California Water Crisis

The water crisis in California is one of the biggest State’s problems. Although the region often deals with severe droughts, the main reasons for this crisis are actually related to the irrational use of water for industrial needs and to the incorrect pricing. Both State’s authorities and scholars have already...

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Environmental Ethics in California

California is one of the States in the U. S. that is well endowed with natural resources. However, the existence of demand for the natural resources from the different stakeholders has led to conflicts of interest. The conflict of interest is further fuelled by environmental ethics. Egocentric ethics that are...

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National Park Illustration Essay

National parks are some of the most special places in America. The National Parks Program was begun by Teddy Roosevelt a century ago, and Yellowstone National Park was considered the first and most impressive of the parks. That program was designed to protect the most important places in America from...

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Streams in Ecosystems

Making up a mere .2% of the world’s freshwater supply, streams hold an important role in our ecosystems. All 3.5 million miles of rivers and streams that stretch across the U.S. vary in temperature, turbidity, biodiversity and overall quality of the water. These variables not only affect the specific body...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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