In essence, engineering is all about getting to the bottom of a problem and solving it to make things better. Engineers apply their skills to develop, design, maintain and build products and services that can protect people from adverse environmental effects like pollution, as well as safeguard and improve the quality of the environment. It is a field that emerged as a stand-alone environmental discipline in response to extensive public concern about water and pollution and the ever-increasing environmental quality degradation
Environmental Engineer Job Availability
Employment opportunities for environmental engineers have been growing at a faster rate than the average growth rate of other occupations. This results from the society’s realization of the need to keep the environment free of any harmful effect as well as the need to understand and apply the new environmental regulations. There are several different job opportunities available in environmental engineering. These jobs involve working in a variety of industrial sectors or even with the government on various projects. These engineering jobs include engineering technician, sales engineers, engineering managers, environmental planners, a marine scientist, agricultural technician, plant ecologist and many more.

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Environmental Engineer Job Description
Environmental engineers design strategies on how to reduce pollution, how to increase efficiency of waste disposal and also how to improve waste recycling efforts among other types of projects. Environment engineers can also work with the government on projects such as waste treatment facilities and water supply systems where they can develop regulations for protecting the environment from misfortunes resulting from such projects. Furthermore, they can also work in construction sites whereby they can research about any environmental impact that may arise from the upcoming construction project. Again, environmental engineers collaborate closely with experts in other fields to get a clear view of a particular problem.