According to the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services, HCPHES, “Heart disease, cancer, stroke, accidents, and chronic lower respiratory disease are the top five leading causes of death in the U.S. and in Harris County.” (HCPHES, 2014). This being said these are the top five causes of death in Harris County, Texas, however, these five causes of death are not just taking place in one county but rather it is occurring and happening all over the United States and a number of individuals die from these top five causes every year. Some of these causes of death are usually caused by a small thing, which, in turn, turns into something more severe and fatal. Some of the causes can be prevented with certain medication, antibiotics, or even some forms of surgery.

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The selected three pollutants that threaten or are a risk factor for the population of Harris County include the following; asbestos, mold, and benzene. Asbestos can become serious if not treated by a doctor or nurse. Asbestos can cause both mesothelioma and lung cancer. Mold causes asthma attacks, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and pneumonia. Benzene can cause leukemia and other forms of cancers. These three pollutants are the reason why there is a risk for the population of Harris County, Texas and the population diminishes with each of these health hazards.

A superfund site is an environmental program to deal with a hazardous waste site. Three superfund sites located in the South Eastern area of Texas include the following sites: North Cavalcade, South Cavalcade, and Houston, Harris County, Texas. The contaminant in North Cavalcade involves water contamination. The contaminant in South Cavalcade involves contaminated soil and groundwater. The contaminant in Houston, Harris County, Texas involves contaminated groundwater as well.