There is a concept of labor rights, stating that people should be paid equally in the same workplace. The concept commonly relates to the context of sexual discrimination, which results in the so-called gender pay gap. According to numerous sources, and as a commonly known fact, there is no country on earth where women are paid as much as men for similar work. Different studies and researches have been consistently finding unexplained pay differences even after controlling the measurable factors of work compensation. Nevertheless, more studies tend to find direct evidence of discrimination – for example, more jobs were given to women, when the applicant’s sex was unknown during the interview.

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There is surely an opinion that gender pay gap is a misconception. For example, men are more likely to choose more dangerous and physically harder jobs, so as a result they are paid more according to general ratio estimation. Men are more likely to work in higher-paying fields by conscious choice, because of higher stress resistance and professional self-esteem. Even within similar professional category, men pursue stressing areas or work in isolated, and uncomfortable environment. And what is most interesting, in general, women business owners usually make less than male business owners do, which is noticeable everywhere, and since business owners have no boss, means they are independent of discrimination.

However, despite all assumptions, women with same education and similar occupation are still earning less than men, and this way of things are simply not free of discrimination. Women are less likely to be requested for high paid job even if they are willing to apply; it is also known that women are given less authority, often without any other reason rather than gender inequality. It is also not considered that women are much more often to take most responsibility for child care, and house chores. Women are paying more for buying the exact same products as men, like deodorant, soap, brand clothes – you can simply become aware of this by visiting a local store, and see that things that all people need to use are often marketed by gender. It could be argued that it is only a woman’s choice to use cosmetics, however, women are more often judged by appearance and have less chances to be hired by male employer if not keeping a common “lady-looks”. The discrimination always negatively effects a life of an individual, which may shift to a real struggle for many women, effecting not only their personal wellbeing, but of social environment. Knowing to be earning less, women feel oppressed which results in professional performance and health of the working team. Then it is obvious that ethical norms are endangered, no longer providing a foundation for moral balance and a sense of security in the workplace but and society in whole. As a consequence, the gender pay gap effects the economy of the country. Gender equality in the workplace robs the U.S. economy according to various estimations by $2 to $4 trillion. The effect of reducing the differential of pay would be huge. With a much greater probability, women would spend additional income to support themselves and their families, thus also increasing the level of life satisfaction, and reducing the stress of incoming generations.

In my opinion, the root of the pay gap problem is natural difference in the behavior of men and women, and how they perceive each other. Often a woman boss may turn out to be passive in the work situation, and the reason for this is not the set of ethical norms but the subconscious, instinctive programs related to gender features. The change of such state of things entails global changes that go far beyond the remuneration of labor. It should be noted that the slightest changes in the vital roles of both sexes will lead to a shift in the structure of the family, industry, social life. Nevertheless, it should not be asserted that these changes will be negative. until now, the domination of men has led only to numerous military conflicts and prosperity of consumption of natural resources and production, that destroy the climate. Since the humanity has. A qualitative shift in the paradigm of the gender inequality is only a matter of time.

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