Like almost all upper level students in Business and Information Technology, I am very knowledgeable in management, computer programs, and applications. My grades have been consistently high during undergrad and graduate school (both at Chicago State University). Like most of my peers, I have earned the requisite honors, taken part in charity activities, and have led or participated in student organizations related to Business and IT. Unlike some, I have worked in these and other fields while in school to help finance my education. Although all of these achievements would make me a good candidate for a PhD program, I believe there are at least two things in particular that make me a great candidate.
First, I am an innovator and a self-starter. Without people who think outside the box and take risks, many important inventions or discoveries would not exist (Starr, 2017). One of my ambitions is to revolutionize mobile telephone technology. With dedication and drive I plan to seek techniques that will make mobile phones even more versatile, reliable, and user-friendly than they are now. With the Internet/media dependent society we live in today, Smart Phone technology is a wide-open field. This is just one of the visions for the future of business and technology that I hope to initiate.

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Second, unlike many of my peers, much of my work has been spent with people rather than machines. I have worked in Human Resource departments of various enterprises, where interpersonal communication is paramount (Anderson, 2013). Business geniuses such as Bill Gates and Phil Knight, Nike co-founder, were actively involved in hiring, operations, and evaluations when their companies began, using unique models that proved highly successful (Carmichael, 2017). In addition, my assignment as an Academic assistant has helped me realize the importance of assisting and honestly evaluating students in order to help them improve. It is not easy to tell someone that a semester’s project needs revision, yet I have found that in the end students will be grateful for the chance to improve their work through academic give and take. Quality does not come easily.

So yes, I was President of Delta Mu Delta, the International Honors Society in Business Administration, a Board Member of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), and was inducted into Golden Key International Honors Society. I know at least six computer programs well and countless software applications. I am a regular on the Dean’s List and expect to graduate cum laude. Charitable endeavors have always been important to me. Aside from these accomplishments, however, I have a defined vision. Also I work effectively with others, even in adverse situations. These are the things that I can contribute to the world of business and technology. These are the reasons why I believe in myself as someone who will not just benefit from more academic training, but can bring about both technological change and share personal experiences for the benefit of my associates, both in school and after. Thank you for your consideration for what could become a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship.

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