Several firms produce and supply different ERP and other software solutions to organizations and individuals, but none of them can match the market influence that Oracle has today. Oracle is a U.S based computer software producer that markets to over 500000 customers in over 180 countries across the world (Oracle, 2017). Oracle provides a range of cloud-based services and software such as Infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, service as a service, other leading edge capabilities in computer software, and data services. Many organizations across the world use oracle cloud service for data and information management. Oracle produces myriad ERP solutions that target specific industries and enterprises.

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Enterprises that require customized ERP software systems turn to oracle because the organizations provides a range of products that suit general industry and individual company needs. Oracle offer financial, procurement, production, risk management, enterprise performance management, order management, and project portfolio management among other ERP services (Oracle, 2017).Oracle financial ERP software systems help organization experience efficient financial management and accountability. The financial ERP systems deliver accelerated productivity and efficiency to the finance teams, offer business managers access to streamlined process, and allow all other stakeholders access to role-based data and information. Oracle provides procurement ERP software systems to streamline the procurement departments in organization by organizing purchases, enforcing contract compliances, and streamlining buying processes (Oracle, 2017). The organization also offers different manufacturing ERP software systems for organizations. Manufacturing ERP systems by oracle come in three categories, manufacturing intelligence ERP, process manufacturing ERP, and discrete manufacturing ERP systems (Oracle, 2017).

Other effective ERP solutions provided by Oracle include risk management, enterprise performance management, order management, and project portfolio management among others (Oracle, 2017). These solutions make enterprise management easier and efficient by organizing work and processes involved in every productive stage within the firm.