A career in networking administration and support involves carrying out important roles required at every organization for the purpose of performing critical operations that ensure information flow is smooth and reliable. A career in networking requires broad knowledge and understanding of networking operating systems provided by different vendors such as Solarwinds, Hp, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, among others. In addition, the responsibility of a network professional requires constant inquiry with other professionals while working and learning of new and rapidly changing technological concepts from professional companies and websites (Dean, 2009).

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Therefore, it is important that I familiarize myself with these organizations and websites.
One of the professional organizations that I might join is Cisco. The organization is a renowned and a world leader in networking both hardware and software. Many of the networking standards currently used in the industry have been developed by Cisco. The organization also sets pace for several new concepts in the networking field. Another professional organization is Juniper networks. Similar to Cisco, Juniper is a renowned professional networking organization where I can join and acquire immense skills that can better my career (Dean, 2009). Other professional organizations include Microsoft, VMware, IBM, and HP. In addition, many of these organizations offer professional certifications in the field of networking that I can pursue to enhance my knowledge and competency in the field.

In terms websites, there are several websites that offer insight to the field of networking including the responsibility for a networking operating system (Bowers, 2007). Some of the popular websites that I can join include cisco and Microsoft networking discussion forums and blogs, techrepublic, PC world among others. These websites and forums provide information and solution for some of the challenges facing the IT industry and provide updates on the new and trending news regarding the field of IT networking.

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