Football has impacted our society in many ways. One major indicator of football’s huge impact is that NFL football is on television three days a week, including Monday night, Thursday night, and Sunday from morning to night. Many musicians and celebrities, such as Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood have recorded songs for the Monday night games.

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Fantasy Football leagues have also become a big pastime. Fantasy Football teams are composed of different players out of all the 32 teams to make up one team. Each fantasy team competes against another fantasy team every week. Every player on the team gets a certain amount of points, depending on their game performance. One only has to visit certain sites, such as Yahoo to sign up for a fantasy football league. The official NFL website also has a section strictly devoted to Fantasy Football that offers the latest news, trading advice, and player statistics (NFL Enterprises LLC. )

Super Bowls are one of the most watched events on television. The NFL takes advantage of this by charging high prices for a 30 second television ad during the Super Bowls. It costs millions of dollars for an advertiser to buy a time slot during the Super Bowls. Some viewers just watch the Super Bowls to see the new commercials. The restaurant industry has also gotten involved in the Super Bowls. Super Bowl parties are common, pizza franchises such as Dominoes, Little Caesars, and Pizza Hut offering special deals for the big event.

Football has also become more popular in other areas of the world. For the past two years, football games have been played in London, England. This year, there are three NFL games to be played in London. (Six NFL teams set for 2014 International Series games in London) The Buffalo Bills also played in Toronto, Canada for five years, based on Canada’s recent interest in football.

Football has greatly impacted society, Fantasy Football teams, games played internationally, popularity of the Super Bowls, and frequency of football games all showing evidence of football’s involvement in people’s everyday life.

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