From the first glance, it was ostensible that the instrument that makes the origination of this music is Piano Rhodes. The overall music texture during the intro is thick, as the intro starts with music with few different musical parts. Drums keep the underlying beat of the song. I would state that the tempo of the pulse is of medium speed. The mood is intended to assist the listener in envisioning a romantic evening in an unusual area. However, the spirit is quite depressive, as I see myself walking alone in a gloomy night, which perhaps is filled with stars,” quiet nights of quiet stars”.

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We can witness a change in the dynamics of the song on 1:06 when a saxophone solo comes. Before 1:06 I have remarked that the tone of the song was not shifting, the main feature that apparently has changed is the language: from English to Portuguese, however, that did not affect the dynamics. Commonly Jazz music tonal color is perceived as purple, however I perceive the color as black, as the it has common things with evening, stars and night. The overall texture is changing. However, the change is not colossal. The texture is changing firstly because of the saxophone solo. Afterwards, because of the language of the song. The English part in was used in the first part, it was not suitable for this type of song. In my viewpoint, the Portuguese language flavored with ethnic colors is making this song even more influential.

I can surely say, that as a person who is not familiar with the Portuguese language, I could clearly understand the hidden goal of a singer behind those words. The transition between vowels are quite smooth and ear-pleasing compared with the English words which sound more constant throughout the song. From my point of view, the saxophone solo adds to the overall picture of the song more majestic notes, as well as more creativity. During the solo, I see that the music ends in a flat way, where the saxophone and piano Rhodes and continuing each other during the last part of this song. The song itself was truly majestic. Although this kind of music is not tangible in the modern era, I would undoubtedly hearken to this song with pleasure.