While I am absolutely passionate about the study of law itself, I also have a deep personal connection to the fundamental notions of ethics, human rights and justice for all individuals. My decision to study law originates from a far deeper place than a mere career choice. Instead, it comes from my innate and firm belief that every individual our society deserves to be treated in a fair and just manner. It is my sincere and genuine aspiration to help make this a reality.By way of reference, I have been privy to a heart wrenching first-hand view of the refugee crisis in Greece that is presently occurring. There are few, if any words that can describe the appalling images of drowning children and homeless refugees in the street. These are images that one can never “unsee,” and as such, the legal community cannot and should not turn a blind eye to these atrocities and rely without question upon the very legislation that is enabling such actions. Instead, I believe the appropriate legal and legislative responses should be predicated thorough research and analysis of the underlying causes of this crisis and what can be done best to effectuate the necessary change.
To me, there is no better way to effectuate change than through the law. For that very reason, I appreciate the common law, as it is always evolving, yet based upon the shared values of society. As a lawyer, I believe I can aid in the evolution of its never ending quest for justice. Moreover, I am cognizant of the political motives that often underscore civil law. Given how pervasive the law is in permeating every aspect of our society, the scientific approach taken by the common law, bodes well as it is flexible and ever-willing to change in accordance with the political and social needs at the time.
The relevance of law in our society, and my strong desire to effectuate necessary change, make this course of study, my obvious choice at university.

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