a. Major academic medical centers could integrate their services with the services provided at a higher level by insurance companies to make it easier for patients to pay for medical services. At a lower level, they could integrate services with those provided by medical schools to equip medical students with skills and experience. b. The group is integrated with the hospital miscellaneous staff who transport the patient to the theater and the nurses who check to see that all the equipment necessary for the surgery is availed.
c. Below the manufacturer is the supplier of the raw materials for the manufacturer and above the manufacturer is the hospital that the manufacturer supplies with the durable medical equipment.

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Q 2
The hospital could employ more highly trained personnel, expand its services through the installation of new equipment or target a larger population of patients such as patients from an entire county.

Q 3
Instead of using an interview, the administrator could have shown the camera crew around the hospital to demonstrate that there was little change in service brought about by the downsizing. Also, the camera crew could have interviewed more than one person to get diverse views on the issue.

Q 4
a. Therefore, to cope with the new demand, the hospital should purchase new equipment for other departments as well to distribute the demand. Also, there should be less public advertising prior to the purchase of new equipment.
b. Such a setting aims at maximizing its returns through providing services to more customers. Therefore, the program should employ more public advertising to attract more service consumers prior to purchases. Advertising serves to create public interest and awareness.
c. Such a program would need to promote its services more to encourage more companies to contract its services. One of the promotion strategies is vigorous promotions on the purchase of new equipment and letting the public gain information of the better service provided by the program following the purchase.

Q 5
The results would have been more satisfactory is the Medical Centre had concentrated more on describing the services provided at the hospital and their high quality compared with services provided in other areas.

Q 6
The program director should consider other factors like the target market for the newspaper, the newspaper’s production period such as daily, weekly or monthly and also the areas where the newspaper has the highest number of clients. He should also consider the economic status of the newspaper’s clients.