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The code of ethics tells more about an organization, the organization standards, and the things one should expect when working with the organization. As a consultant, I would state that certain decisions are crucial in writing a new code of ethics. The organization needs to ensure that the employees comply with the code and understand what is required of them. Updating or writing a new code of ethics is crucial in the modern world of business.

As a consultant, the recommendations I would make for writing a new code of ethics is to own the code and involve the employees (Cassel, Phil & Ken, 1997). Employees are one of the major aspects that form an organization. Involving the employees in the process of making the code of ethics will enable them to understand it more and comply with the rules set. When the majority agrees with something, the few who disagree will have no option but to comply and sometimes they would find themselves complying even without force. The second thing I would suggest is to see how well the code can be implemented into the organization’s system. This can be done by conducting a small screen test on what is to be introduced. Checking on the effectiveness of the code before implementing it can help in preventing pitfalls or wrong perceptions by the employees. Lastly, as a consultant, I would recommend that the organization should consult their stakeholders and the outstanding employee who understand the needs of his or her fellow employee, or who relates well with every other employee. This can effectively help in the smooth running of the organization and positive acceptance of the new code of ethics by the other employees. When other employees see the codes being implemented by a favorite figure in the office, they tend to follow their icon than when an authority figure passes the code to the employees (Griskevicius, Cialdini & Goldstein, 2008).

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Consultant, Codes of Ethics

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