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Ethical Leadership

Ethical Dilemma: The Case Of Dennis Kozlowski

Arthur J. Rosenberg, in 1960, created the company called Tyco Incorporated. It was located in Waltham in Massachusetts. The company continued to grow and in 1982, it was divided into different divisions with a division each in charge of packaging, fire protection and electronics (The Law Teacher 2014). In the...

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Constructing Ethical Arguments

The discipline of ethics is governed by the concepts of morality and virtue. These two concepts are the themes that define ethics: whether an act or deed is good or bad, right or wrong or, a virtue and a vice. Morality is simply the extent or distinction between right and...

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Negotiation Culture

Until presently, a preponderance of the information concerning the way of negotiating deals, making judgements as well as making resolute judgements in tackling disputes emerged from the U.S. analysts reviewing U.S. negotiators discussing with other negotiators to the U.S. The proof is devastating that U.S. negotiators have to part with...

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The Right Thing to Do

The purpose of this paper is to give my perspective as to whether it would be fair to deny someone a job because of derogatory information that I have about them which contradicts my personal code of ethics. I go on to note other things that I need to consider...

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Privacy and Ethical Issues in Location-Based Tracking Systems

1. Introduction Government authorities have sets of policies with which every business enterprise is expected to comply. Various regulatory authorities exist to that effect, for example, environmental management authorities, financial regulators and business operations authorities. In order to enforce compliance with the legal and ethical guidelines, every regulator requires business...

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Ethics and Professionalism

Ethics represent moral principles affiliated with governing a professional’s behavior making it an essential item. Additionally, it is accurate to assert that moral, ethical codes, in addition to legal conduct act as guidelines to achieving ideal behavior professional standards. The incorporation of moral, ethical, and legal conduct in the health...

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The Hauenstein Center: Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century

The Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, features a unique and prestigious curriculum for students who are pursuing a degree in leadership. The Hauenstein Center is a nexus for scholarship on contemporary and future leadership skills, taught with an interdisciplinary approach. Hauenstein...

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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

The Concept of Emotional Intelligence As theory evolves, the essential concept of emotional intelligence (EI) has undergone revision, and revision expanding its basic meaning. Initially, EI was perceived as a complex system of feeling and thought, in which the various elements function in complementary ways. It was seen as the...

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