Samples "Ethical Leadership"

Ethical Leadership

Learning Environment Leadership

The current state of the international economic environment requires that the leadership of organizations large and small pay close attention to the changing trends that are rapidly occurring in order remain competitive (Kinghorn, Black, and Oliver, 2011). In particular, the challenge for organizations to keep up with the revolutions in...

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Leadership Frameworks

Leadership is the ability to influence a group of people or followers towards specific goals. An individual achieves these capabilities due to followers’ expectations, possession of quality leadership skills, group maturity among other factors that impact leadership. A leader’s major goal is to serve his or her followers rather than...

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Employee Perceptions of Fairness

Leadership requires a complex set of skills at all management levels. The ability to inspire, motivate, and development employees to achieve more in their work-life transcends from their immediate supervisor, who receives their inspiration from executive and senior levels of management. One major factor in organizational leadership is judicial fairness...

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Leadership from the Inside Out

In September of 2016 the world was shocked by the Wells Fargo Bank fraud scandal which involved its employees setting up fraudulent accounts in order to meet the company’s aggressive sales goals (Ochs, 2016). As a result of the actions of these employees, the bank had to pay for a...

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Ethical Dilemma: The Case Of Dennis Kozlowski

Arthur J. Rosenberg, in 1960, created the company called Tyco Incorporated. It was located in Waltham in Massachusetts. The company continued to grow and in 1982, it was divided into different divisions with a division each in charge of packaging, fire protection and electronics (The Law Teacher 2014). In the...

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