Forensic science is an integral part of court systems. The unit provides valuable information for determining both civil and criminal cases. Forensic science needs to have a set of standards and guidelines. In an analysis of digital evidence, in particular, three guiding principles are required. They include an adequate examination, use of best practice methodology, and use none application of excessive testing to enhance results.

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Codes and standards are important in any profession. They provide guideline as to procedures and conduct, especially in novel cases. Additionally, they provide best practice in handling certain scenarios. Therefore, they result in standardized conduct and results. However, in digital forensic science, codes of ethics and conduct are of little value. By its very nature, the digital world is not governed by a set of rules and regulation on the running of the process. As such, forensic methods cannot be set in stone. Consequently, the most practical method is applied in providing digital forensic evidence. Nevertheless, methods and process used have to be within the limits of the law.

In many cases, digital forensics without consideration for a code of ethics and the law result in resolving the forensic question. At times, the end justifies the means since when ethics and laws are applied, they are often an impediment to the process of forensic investigation (Sharevski, 2015). For example, the law might provide a particular way of retrieving evidence without which it is difficult to perform forensic investigation conclusively.

Established standards and code of ethics are critical in providing standardized and predictable results. They are the hallmark of any profession. However, in digital forensic, ethics and code do not provide the efficacy required in conclusively conducting digital forensics. The case is due to the very complex nature of the digital world.