Ethics is an essential business aspect that must be taken into consideration for effective operational viability, acceptance into the prevailing social settings, and avoidance of unprecedented violations in the respective industries of specialization. In this case, the newly appointed Human resource manager, the company head, general manager, and employees are the major stakeholders. This is due to their contribution in the ethical violations regarding the assignment of jobs, commissions, and other employee management processes that require effective management in accordance with the specified labor market provisions. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the situation based on the available ethical principles to make the relevant conclusions.
Since the issue is about favoritism, this instance does not seem to violate any of the labor laws since there are not discriminative tendencies or other legal violations. On the other hand, the threat to fire the human resource manager is illegal since it does not conform to the employment terms, or does not trigger disciplinary mechanisms that adhere to the specified legal frameworks. Using categorical, utilitarian, rights, and justice theories, it is possible to derive the appropriate decision since moral, ethical, deontological, and morally acceptable elements are applied to the situation. In fact, application of the theoretical aspects is essential for ensuring that the general manager and the company owner treat the one employee like the others.

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In summary, the case illustrates the ethical violations that must be handled before implying negative consequences to the company. First, application of the ethical principles is essential for developing the appropriate decision factors to eliminate threatening or discriminative tendencies within the business. It is important to apply varied ethical and moral protocols in order to make the working environment fair and comfortable to work in without fear of victimization, loss of jobs as is the case of Jane, and allocation of technician tasks.