Jim Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, an author of Cold-case Christianity in addition to being an apologetics professor at Biola University. Detective Wallace is one of the most celebrated voices in the modern-day apologetic Christianity. Wallace makes a wonderful association of Biblical accuracy and the law enforcement experience to give a practical worldview that is educative and of great inspiration. The detective has an exceptional way of supporting peoples’ logical thinking on matters of God and spiritual things. Living a Christian life and working as a homicide detective, Wallace brings together all the evidence for God in such a way that people can follow with ease (Wallace, 2013). Along the way of his career and Christianity Wallace came up with a ColdCaseChristianity.com website a place where he posts and talks about his discoveries which are related to the evidence that supports Christianity.
Lots of people in the world either disagree with Christianity or do not uphold to the Christian worldview. A police officer’s worldview significantly impacts on the way he or she deals with ethical dilemmas at the workplace. The law enforcement profession is often associated with situations that pose a challenge to the police officers. Police officers constantly have their morals and ethics being put to the test. According to Trooper Jones, the law enforcement profession comes with new experiences each day. It is one career that is unpredictable (Jones, 2005). Jones also backs up Detective Weller’s idea about the Christian worldview. In an ethical dilemma, a law enforcement officer with a Christian worldview will always have an added advantage during the decision making process because of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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In conclusion, the modern criminal justice needs dedicated men and women who are ready to uphold high morals and more importantly remain ethical during the decision making process.

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