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Multicultural Counseling Theory, Ethics, Practice, and Research

In Chapter 19, the authors appear to come to many conclusions regarding the future of multicultural counseling theory and practice. The identification of the four major themes – cultural identity development, social oppression and advocacy, cultural diversity, and multicultural case conceptualization (Hays, Milliken, & Randall, 2014) – reveals those issues...

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Ethical Principles

The articles on the foundational ethical principles in health care by Thompson (1987) and Hanlon (2001) both address the necessity of creating a universally agreed upon set of guidelines that apply to all professionals involved in healthcare. Contrary to popular belief, the Hippocratic Oath was scarcely consistently adhered to since...

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Ethics Case

The proposed narrative is described as follows: A prisoner with potential knowledge of a nuclear bomb that is located in North America will not disclose this information to authorities. Therefore, this scenario requires an examination of key perspectives regarding ethics that will determine whether or not torture is the appropriate...

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Ethics Rules

Brain McNally is torn between considering the student’s explanation and applying the correct punishment for the mistake she did. In her defense, the international student did not realize her wrong deed until the lecturer pointed it out because such occurrences were a common phenomenon in her country. However, each student...

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Ethical Issues Facing the Sport of Football

Major recent ethical issues facing the sport of football include the longterm effects of head injuries and adequate compensation for these. The chronic damaging effects from football-related head injuries have been widely reported in the media (Winslade & Goldberg, 2010). The authors describe the autopsy of a 21-year-old former college...

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