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European history

The US Extends Tariff Exemptions for European Union and Other Allies

On the first of June 2018, the US tariff is alleged to have entered in force for aluminum and steel imports mainly from the European Union, a decision that was sired by President Donald Triumph who intended to extend some of the temporary exemptions. For these countries, it is essential...

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The European Revolutions of 1848 and 1989: A Comparative Analysis

The article “Comparing the European Revolutions of 1848 and 1989” was written by Robert Justin Goldstein, “a research associate at the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Michigan” (Goldstein, 2007, p. 155) and published in a journal “Science” in October 2007. In the following article,...

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Stalinist Totalitarianism Official Verdict Against Y. L. Pyatakov

The “Official Verdict Against Y. L. Pyatakov and Associates in the Purge Trial, January 30th, 1937” concerns the actions of a number of people said to be employed by l. Trotsky, considered to be the enemy of the people. This document details a plot that was instituted by those who...

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Middle Ages Essay

It is ordinary for people to think of the Middle Ages as the “Dark” Ages, and generally as a period of hundreds of years in which Western civilization stagnated. Media representations of the era have long presented it as a time of vast ignorance, lawlessness, and a kind of barbaric...

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Christianity’s Impact on Western Civilization

Over the history, the Western civilization has been under the influence of various religions, with the greatest impact of Christianity on the course of its development. It is hard to evaluate all positive effects that Christianity had on the Western civilization, and yet, the most evident influence was made on...

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