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European Union

European Union Regional Integration

The European Union has been one of the first to be established under regional integration in the early 1950’s (Gareth, 2003). Initially it had only two members but the union has since grown to have 28 member states by the year 2013; more members are expected to join. The main...

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Populism in Europe

A huge wave of populist politicians in Europe and the United States have risen a wave of increasing popularity. Furthermore, both hard left and hard right politicians have railed against the EU and “the system” in Europe, and this has allowed their parties to gain a huge amount of seats...

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Politics of the European Union

The discussion on possible further integration of the European Union and NATO is somewhat controversial for several reasons. On the one hand, the European Union Member States do not unite under the single European army, with NATO being the main actor on the international foreign security agenda. Hence, the EU...

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an alliance composed of 28 states, which border the North Atlantic Ocean. The alliance’s primary role is to provide protection for the member states’ freedom and safety. NATO was initially founded in 1949; at that time, its central function was to protect member...

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Eurozone’s First 20 Years

The Eurozone since its birth has been marred by problems and challenges that are eliciting the feeling of anger, disappointment, and frustration among members. The challenges in this region emanate from the absence of a suitable institutional framework upon which the Eurozone cooperation was formed. The use of a dated...

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European Migration

Migration is the relocation of a population from one region to another, including cases when such relocation occurs in large groups and over long distances. Migration has existed for several millennia. Nevertheless, mass migration in the modern sense of the word began relatively not long ago, in the twentieth century,...

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Effects of Brexit

It is apparent that Brexit is a process that is likely to trigger short-term and long-term reverberations that can change political, economic, and social life both in Europe and across the globe. There are many opinions regarding the positive and negative influences of this phenomenon, but it is undeniable that...

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Animal Welfare Standards in the European Union

Animal welfare is an important concern to the European Food Safety Authority. This is so because the safety of the food chain indirectly affects the welfare of the animals that are reared for food production. Notably, there is a close link between animal health, animal welfare, and food-borne diseases. Poor...

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A European Ireland Is A Far Greater Ireland

For the last few years, Brexit has been a topic of controversial discussion. Though it was a long time coming, it finally gained significant ground on March 29th, 2017 when Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union thereby formally giving notice of Great...

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European Union and Inequality

Given how much hopes were placed in the European Union at its inception, especially in its ability to raise the living standards of all those who had great hopes placed in the disappearing of borders, there is today only doubts. All that was once praised about tariffs, currency barriers, in...

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The European Union

The European Union is living proof that transnational cooperation and the creation of supranational political and legal institutions can be successful. Throughout the decades of its evolution, the European Union brought the underlying ideas of peace, prosperity and internal market to an unprecedented level of political and economic integration. Its...

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The European Union and International Trade

The European Union is a continually evolving political institution that brings together a number of European nations coming from widely different socio-economic, political and cultural backgrounds. Based on the Maastricht Treaty, the EU was formalized in 1993with the hopes of achieving both political and economic integration. Since 2008, the EU...

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Does Legitimacy Play an Important Role in the European Union?

The four vectors of legitimacy include democratic elections, leaders with expertise to deliver efficiency and make sound decisions, the ideological connection between leaders and followers, and social identification (Van Esch 225). There are several pro-legitimate and anti-legitimate aspects of the EU. The EU appears to have a democratic structure, with...

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Is Europe a Strategic Actor?

Europe is home to the two of the oldest super powers in the world i.e. France and Britain. In the recent past the European Union [EU] constituting of most of the countries in Europe, has been accused of being a strategic actor in global matters. Some people argue that since...

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European Union’s Role in the World

Question One In terms of trade, there are various national security concerns which manifest themselves and become important issues for institutions such as the European Union. Given the collective power and nature of the European Union, a paramount attribute of maintaining stability within the union itself is in the preservation...

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