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European Union

European Union and Inequality

Given how much hopes were placed in the European Union at its inception, especially in its ability to raise the living standards of all those who had great hopes placed in the disappearing of borders, there is today only doubts. All that was once praised about tariffs, currency barriers, in...

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The European Union

The European Union is living proof that transnational cooperation and the creation of supranational political and legal institutions can be successful. Throughout the decades of its evolution, the European Union brought the underlying ideas of peace, prosperity and internal market to an unprecedented level of political and economic integration. Its...

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The European Union and International Trade

The European Union is a continually evolving political institution that brings together a number of European nations coming from widely different socio-economic, political and cultural backgrounds. Based on the Maastricht Treaty, the EU was formalized in 1993with the hopes of achieving both political and economic integration. Since 2008, the EU...

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Does Legitimacy Play an Important Role in the European Union?

The four vectors of legitimacy include democratic elections, leaders with expertise to deliver efficiency and make sound decisions, the ideological connection between leaders and followers, and social identification (Van Esch 225). There are several pro-legitimate and anti-legitimate aspects of the EU. The EU appears to have a democratic structure, with...

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Is Europe a Strategic Actor?

Europe is home to the two of the oldest super powers in the world i.e. France and Britain. In the recent past the European Union [EU] constituting of most of the countries in Europe, has been accused of being a strategic actor in global matters. Some people argue that since...

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European Union’s Role in the World

Question One In terms of trade, there are various national security concerns which manifest themselves and become important issues for institutions such as the European Union. Given the collective power and nature of the European Union, a paramount attribute of maintaining stability within the union itself is in the preservation...

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