On September 19, 2015, at approximately 07:15 am, an officer was dispatched to 221 Wakefield Drive, Anytown, Virginia to answer to a response. It was a sunny morning, and the rains had not fallen for several days causing the ground to dry. On arrival, the officer knocked on the door but did not receive any answer. He, however, proceeded to get into the house through an unlocked door only to find the expected victim Courtney Fink (DOB 12/1/1995) dead. Of note, by the officer, was also the fact that the house was a mess. While at the scene of the incidence, the officer took a couple of pictures of the victim and while at it, he discovered a possible suicide note written on a laptop in front of the deceased. In the note was a confession that seemed to have been written by the deceased, Ms. Fink quoting her reasons for committing suicide. The main reason as noted appeared to be depression. The officer then sealed and tagged both Ms. Fink’s computer, an IBM think pad (Serial Number 06A279) and some pills he had found in front of Ms. Fink as evidence.

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Investigation Process: Interviews
Interview with Deceased’s Best Friend: Nora Jones
Following the incidence, the officer decided to conduct interviews with the possible witnesses and close relatives to the victim as part of the investigation into what really occurred. The officer first interviewed the deceased’s friend, Nora Jones. Nora Jone’s with regards to the interview had been Ms. Finks friend for five years and as such was crucial to the interview. Granted, it was through Jones that the first clue as to who the suspect was. Jones, in particular, stating that “Their relationship had been long, emotionally abusive, and draining” suggested that Zack Crandall, the deceased’s ex-boyfriend was responsible for the incidence. She added “He said he would never let anyone else have her” to assert her position that Mr. Crandall was the prime suspect in the investigation.

Interview with Neighbor: Norman Smith
The officer’s next interviewee was the victim’s neighbor, Norman Smith. It was Mr. Smith who actually called in the incident. Mr. Smith, a bank teller, had called in the incident after there was no answer to his wife’s knocks on the deceased’s door despite the fact that her car was in the driveway. Mr. Smith’s wife had opted to bring to the deceased freshly baked banana after the deceased had appeared distraught and had earlier on revealed to the Smith’s she had troubles at school. Also, Mr. Smith had not seen the deceased for some days an occurrence that was unusual being that he was used to seeing her every day. Like Jones, Mr. Smith also knew the suspect, Mr. Crandall. Mr. Smith, however, relayed even more intriguing information that pointed towards Mr. Crandall as the main suspect particularly stating that “He must have had his own key” and that he had seen him a few nights ago revealing that “he sped out of the driveway” something uncharacteristic since the neighborhood was often quite.

Interview with Deceased’s Sister: Gabrielle Frink
The next interviewee was the victim’s sister Gabrielle Frink. The elder Ms. Fink concurred as noted in the note found in the victim’s laptop that the victim was bipolar but however denied that she had ever been suicidal. The deceased’s sister like the rest knew of Mr. Crandall but did not say much to allege that Mr. Crandall could be the suspect asides from that “he started acting different, getting a tat on his chest and smokin.” Nonetheless, she stated when asked if the deceased was normally neat that “She is a neat freak” hence affirming the possibilities of foul play in the incident.

Conclusion after the Interviews
From the interviews, the officers convincingly had gathered enough evidence that Mr. Crandall was the main suspect to the incidence thus warranting a search. Following this, the officer obtained a valid search warrant from which he approached a seemingly distraught Mr. Crandall in his house. Through his search, the office found, tossed in a corner, the victim’s belongings that included a white and blue iPhone 6 and a purple handbag, and also a pair of leather gloves on top of the handbag. All these were taken as evidence pointing to the fact that Mr. Crandall was behind the crime. Even more, the officer found $2000 in large bills, the deceased’s ID and also a college counseling business card which obviously acted to offer a clue on the motive behind the crime.