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The Evolution of Communication

Since the beginning of humanity, mankind has developed increasingly sophisticated ways to communicate with each other over long distance. This short report will summarize the main milestones in the evolution of communication and determine thee trends seen throughout. The first method communication was cave paintings, which were used to depict...

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Exploring “Neanderthals Leave Their Mark on Us”

Even though it has only been known that Neanderthals and humans interbred as of 2010, there is already a large scientific conversation about what genetic traits the two species have in common, how these genes came to spread, and what effect they have had on the human species. The article...

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Four Stages of Evolution

There are four widely accepted forces of evolution. However, in order to understand these four forces, it is necessary to explain several concepts first. The first important concept is a species. A species is anything that can reproduce with each other and produce fertile offspring. There are cases when individual...

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Evolution in Plants and Animals

Evolution involves a series of changes transforming plants and animals to their present states from their original and simplest states. The present state of plants and animal can be described as complex. The changes take place continuously over many generations. The evolutionary changes exhibited in plants and animals are genetic...

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Forces of Evolution

Organisms of different generations exhibit numerous changes in their physiological and physical setups. The changes are attributed to the transformations that occur over the ages in the organism. The evolution theory explores various mechanisms that cause the transformations in the organisms over the years. Evolutionary changes are perceived to have...

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