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In 1859 Charles Darwin published a treatise on natural history, entitled the Origin of Species, which launched a paradigm shift in the way that people viewed the history of life on earth. Ever since Christianity became the predominant religion in western culture, the prevalent theory explaining the origin of life...

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Evolution of Management Theories

Management theories are used as a means of working to conceptualize the best practices for managing employees within a company, group setting, or organization. The evolution of these theories is the process by which they grow and change, adapting based on new theories or possible projections in a given field...

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The Processes Of Evolution

Microevolution refers to evolution on a small scale, as in a single population. A population in this context would be represented by a group of organisms that interbreed with one another. An example would be all the individuals of one ant species living in a particular area of the desert....

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The Concept Of Species And Population

Evolution is a process that occurs on two different scales, macro and micro. Micro evolution effects only a single species, or a single population, such as a change in the frequency of darker wings within a specific insect population between one generation and another, while micro evolution works to affect...

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Evolution of Boilers

The first to recognize the value of steam as a resource was a Greek Mathematician named Hero. This first steam device had no real purpose, but paved the way for more creative uses of steam in the future. It would not be until 2,000 years later that steam became a...

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