The academic goal of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to create innovative and principled leaders to improve the world. I believe that my past work experience and activities, as well as my general life experience, are fundamental in advancing the institutions mission. Since my arrival in the U.S. six years ago, I have constantly been mesmerized by the nation’s liberal culture and embraced it as I sort to gain more knowledge in business and management. The mission is to empower other industrialists from my home in a small village in M.P. India where most people do not believe in entrepreneurship. However, my guardians have always educated me to help the less providential by highlighting my skills and risk taking the experience to sensitize them on the need to be entrepreneurs.My wish is to one day go back to M.P. India to set up my life and profession by venturing into the private sector. I intend to actively participate in the process of changing the tradition of how business is conducted which can be achieved by establishing an enterprise and further acting as an entrepreneur. Besides, I was curious to interact with the business environment. This has enabled me to successfully head five startups in the U.S, as well as, be an insightful stock market investor. On the other hand, I have had experience in starting multiple entrepreneurship ventures, but my current venture is into automobile domain.
Other experiences have also been of great help especially when it comes to teaching entrepreneurship traits and how to take the risk as an entrepreneur. Working as a credit analyst, I have managed to present complete projects to try to understand different industries within the U.S.A, which in turn has helped in shaping up my entrepreneurship skills. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, I have come to realize the significance of all my experience.
Therefore, I am interested in undertaking my Ex-MBA program at MIT Sloan School of Management primarily because the institution’s mission is parallel with mine. In addition, I am confident that the institution will enable me to meet other people who will balance my education by providing me with necessary tools that will aid in attaining both personal and professional goals as an entrepreneur.

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