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Understanding Magnetism Documentary

When we think of magnetism and magnets, we rarely think of them as the center of our universe or things that would cause the world to end if they were not around. However that is what many scientists and researchers believe. Magnetism is more than just the magnets that we...

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Carl Sagan

If I could be any famous historical character for one day, I would be American scientist Carl Sagan. I often complain people lose a significant deal of curiosity as they grow older but Carl Sagan lost none of it till his last moment on earth. I would like to experience...

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Reciprocating Сompressor Oil

With its essential functions being reducing friction, cooling, sealing, cleaning and serving as protection for different moving parts, engine oil call for keenness when selecting the right choice (Ploetner, Urban, Roth, Tay, & Habersetzer, 2018). While there are several types of engine oils, choosing the best match for one’s engine...

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Materials Engineering

Engineering materials such as concrete and steel are adversely affected by weather changes. These materials are mainly affected by heavy rains and floods. They are further affected by the extreme levels of humidity and solar irradiation (Valdez et. al., 2013). Climate change has been attributed to pollution of the atmosphere...

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History of Calculus

Often, the creation of modern calculus has been attributed to Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Willhelm von Leibniz. However, seemingly unknown or even intentionally ignored, by most Europeans, developments in calculus were being formulated on a different part of the globe. India and the Middle East were all portions of...

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