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Understanding Magnetism Documentary

When we think of magnetism and magnets, we rarely think of them as the center of our universe or things that would cause the world to end if they were not around. However that is what many scientists and researchers believe. Magnetism is more than just the magnets that we...

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Carl Sagan

If I could be any famous historical character for one day, I would be American scientist Carl Sagan. I often complain people lose a significant deal of curiosity as they grow older but Carl Sagan lost none of it till his last moment on earth. I would like to experience...

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Reciprocating Сompressor Oil

With its essential functions being reducing friction, cooling, sealing, cleaning and serving as protection for different moving parts, engine oil call for keenness when selecting the right choice (Ploetner, Urban, Roth, Tay, & Habersetzer, 2018). While there are several types of engine oils, choosing the best match for one’s engine...

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Materials Engineering

Engineering materials such as concrete and steel are adversely affected by weather changes. These materials are mainly affected by heavy rains and floods. They are further affected by the extreme levels of humidity and solar irradiation (Valdez et. al., 2013). Climate change has been attributed to pollution of the atmosphere...

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History of Calculus

Often, the creation of modern calculus has been attributed to Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Willhelm von Leibniz. However, seemingly unknown or even intentionally ignored, by most Europeans, developments in calculus were being formulated on a different part of the globe. India and the Middle East were all portions of...

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Motion Under the Direct Influence Of Gravity

Since the beginning of mankind, we have been fascinated by the impact of gravity.The rule for weight of an object is the force F g = mg. There are different types of motion. In addition to gravity, there is projectile motion as well as potential energy. Potential energy comes in...

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Application of Bayes Theorem

Abstract In order to account for multiple variables that may impact the probability of an event Bayes Theorem may be applied accordingly. Subsequently, Bayes Theorem of conditional probability can be applied to predict the possibility of deriving one certain outcome during an event. One scientific article chronicles the “Causes of...

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Chemistry Personal Statement

Chemistry is a word that means more to me than its simple nine letters. It is my dream career and my daily inspiration. My academic interest in taking chemistry has been through a life long journey full of discoveries. I have a few things which spark my interests; I was...

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Polarized Light

We live in a discovery world whereby human beings continuously come up with inventions. Polarized light is one of the discoveries. It is not easy to tell who first discovered it, since it was discovered in contexts which were different many times. Among those who are thought to have discovered...

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Chemistry Experiment Paper

The major aim of the experiment was to identify the unknown metals by finding their densities. In order to achieve this aim, the different metals were immersed in water and displaced water used to obtain the volume of each metal. Each metal was then weighed on measuring scale and the...

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Probability Rules

According to Pitman, “The probability of an event is a measure of the likelihood or chance that the event occurs, on a scale from 0 to 1” (Pitman, 1993, p. 1); as this simple definition suggests probability is not only applicable to advanced science and mathematics, but also to ordinary,...

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The Law Of Gravity

The role of gravity in the formation of the planets, stars, and solar systems involves the condensation of stellar gases. The law of gravity states that all matter attracts a pull on other forms of matter, which is the force that draws gases together (Sagan 37). If enough material collects...

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Demotion of Pluto

During 2006, the planet Pluto was demoted. Pluto began to be doubted as meeting the criteria for being a planet. The status came into question when it was found that Pluto crosses Neptune's orbit, and is significantly smaller than the criterion based expectation (Jensen, Haskins and DeBoy). Thus, debates among...

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Venus Research Paper

Venus is one of the most secretive planets in the solar system, continuing to throw up new clues about its nature. Named after the goddess of beauty and love, Venus does not have any natural satellites and orbits the sun every 224.7 days, with a rotation period of 243 days...

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Charles Best: A Canadian Chemist and Cofounder of Insulin

Background informationCharles Best was born on February 1899 to two Canadian parents; Herbert Best and Luella Fisher. Charles married Margaret Mahon in 1924 in Toronto (Marble, 2011). They had two sons who were Henry and Alexander. While Henry became the president of Laurentian University in Ontario, Alexander became a politician...

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