The case respondent reported to using Microsoft Excel for business purposes. In this case, the respondent uses Microsoft Excel for scheduling where it is possible to create basic resource and employee schedules with color codes, as well as for automatic updating of changes in the schedule (Triola, 2013). The respondent also uses this program for basic accounting purposes, in which it is possible to enter expenditures and deposits in the different rows similar to entry in check books or registers. As such, it is possible to create graphs and charts that the respondent can use to compare expenditures and income over time. Further, the respondent also uses the program to track product sales by collecting sales data and comparing progress over time to determine product sales trends. In my case, I use Microsoft Excel for personal purposes, specifically to create a personal budget through which it is possible to track monthly and weekly income and expenses (Triola, 2013).

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The respondent did not report using Microsoft Excel on a smart-phone or tablet. However, from research, there is significant evidence that this program on mobile platforms has several advantages including a wide range of features that are not available on other similar mobile apps (Triola, 2013). In addition, Microsoft Excel on smart-phones and tablets provides the user with numerous touch-centric conveniences that save time. Further, Microsoft Excel on tablets can handle multi-page spreadsheets better than other related apps on smart-phones and tablets. Nevertheless, Microsoft Excel on mobile platforms also has several disadvantages such as the inability to operate more than one file at the same time, which hinders complex comparisons. Moreover, some of the features available on the desktop PC version of Microsoft Excel including sparklines cannot be created on smart-phones and tablets although they can be viewed (Triola, 2013). Finally, since the Excel program is registered to Microsoft, it is time-consuming and complex to use it on other platforms like android devices.

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