When something happens, do you blame on yourself, the world, or look for resolutions in the future? Existential theory focuses on accepting the fears to overcome them by looking ahead. Person-centered theory focuses on letting the person figures out a solution based on his or her individual ability. I prefer existential theory over person-centered theory. I think facing and accepting the fears is the most challenging and bravest behavior of all. That is not easy to do and determination is the key.
Human existence is to live. Therefore, regardless what has happened, we still have to face it and live our lives as usual. Determination is crucial here because when something happens, the first reaction among many people is to escape.

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Not that many people can determine to live through it and move on. I have seen many senior citizens collecting recycling cans, bottles, and cardboards to sell for some cash. Many of them could have gotten help from the government completely, but they did not. They know they are capable, so they determine to make a living with their hands. No matter how bad the weather is, they still go out with their shopping carts to collect reusable materials to sell. Many people could give up easily in such a bad living condition, but these elderly people did not. They face their fears (lack of money) and they move on (collect recycling items to sell for money). I envy their determination all the time and doubt the reasons why many other younger people would beg at the subway stations or on the sidewalks when they are capable to earn a living by themselves.

The existential theory can also apply to us when learning. No one is born to know how to ride a bike. It takes time, practice, and patience to master this skill. When we first fall, we might get a scrap and it hurts. We might be fear to try it again because we fell before. However, if we can face and accept this fear, that when we ride a bike, it is common to fall; when we ride the bike again, we will be more careful, focus, and watch out for ourselves to avoid falling and get hurt again. This is how we can move on and learn how to ride a bike in success.

As we grow, we encounter many burdens and obstacles, but eventually got through them. When we were kids, we have to learn to meet new friends and get used to the new learning environment. We fear that we are odd in the crowd and want to make sure we can blend in. as we change to the next grade, we have to adjust the new classroom, new teachers, and new curriculum. We fear we might not get good grades like others and become the odd ones. Eventually, we try hard and got through the years. This is also applied with the existential theory in behavior.

If a survey is being done on whether we are afraid of dying, I am sure the majority would answer yes they are fear of dying. However, dying is part of our life cycle; it is a stage that we cannot avoid. To face and accept this fear is the hardest. We have to understand and accept the fact that we will die some day; depending on when. So the best way, in my opinion, is to plan for what we want to do in our lifetime and try our best to accomplish them. Also, be genuine and conscious about the others; I believe that can give us more lifetimes in return.

It is very true that there are pros and cons in both theories. However, depending on the person’s needs and wants, either theory is fine with me as long as the theory is helpful. Based on the situation, choosing the existential theory would benefit on dealing with the problems and work on possible solutions. However, this might create an anxiety issue to some people. On the other hand, selecting the person-center theory would benefit on making the decision and get involved with the plan ahead. However, at the same time, there is a lack of guidance directly from the professionals, such as the counselors. I personally prefer the existential theory more when I think of living, learning, growing, and dying. I think facing and accepting the fear, acknowledge it, and plan to proceed with resolutions are what attitude we human should all have. It might sounds scary in the beginning, but once the person sees the plan and potential to work it out, the anxiety will go away.